Infosys Mysore Campus Accommodation & Facilities- Do’s and Don’ts

Infosys, one of the renowned IT company, has built the world’s biggest corporate training facility in Mysore. Infosys Mysore Campus is also known by several names as: “Heaven on Earth” and  “A Paradise”.  Infosys Mysore Campus is the epitome of the real  infrastructure  art. The trainees who have been selected by Infosys for training at Mysore campus will be really keen to go campus as soon, after reading this article.

Infosys’ Chairman and Chief Mentor M.R.Narayana Murthy has described the training center, located 140 km off from India’s silicon valley, Bangalore, as the biggest corporate training facility in the world. “We are setting up the biggest corporate training facility in the world with 2,000 rooms which can house 4,000 people on a twin sharing basis. As we would be hiring roughly 12,000 people on an average, if we train 4,000 employees for four months, we should be able to turn around three batches in a year at this center,” he says.

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Infosys Mysore Campus

I am quite excited to share the information what I have grabbed with you all.  I am sure you would also be very excited to know what’s in at Infosys  Mysore Campus.

Accommodation and Facilities

  • The allotment of Accommodation will be done on the first day of arrival.
  • All Boys will get Single rooms and Almost all Girls will get shared rooms. Some girls would be luckier if they get single rooms.
  • Your Parents/Guardians can come to meet you, but the Accommodation will be arranged only for the Trainees only, so anybody accompanying you won’t be able to enjoy accommodation facility.

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Facilities in room:

Every room will be provided with these things: Towel, bed sheet, bed covers,pillows, pillow cover, quilt, coffee and tea sachets with sugar (daily 1 each), bathing towel, 6 hangers, doormat, coffee and tea maker, a cup, glass, spoon, table lamp, wall clock, LCD TV, basket for dirty clothes, Almirah with electronic locker, all out for mosquitoes water bottle, table and study chair , sofa, western style bathroom with shower, an AC.


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List of things you will get in Infosys Mysore  Campus

  • Few hostel has an attached Laundromat where you can iron your clothes yourself and also get them washed in machines. You  will get tickets for Laundromats on receptions, probably now  tickets are also made available at Laundromats itself. You will have to pay Rs 50 per cycle for 8 KG.
  • There is at least one cycle stand in front of every major building, Mysore campus has approximately  2000-5000 cycles. But You need to be an early riser if you want to get cycles. Or else you will have to go by your foot to the classrooms.
  • There are 3 or 4 courier services available to send and receive packages to and from home. it costs decent.
  • There is large no. of cafes in every food court, there are 6 food courts.
  • There is also a large departmental store (Loyal World in the recreation center) where you can buy all your daily stuff. There is also a small departmental store in the Oasis food court.
  • The ECC (Employee Care Center) is the most important place for a Trainee in the campus. It is built on Spanish architectural design. It has every facility you can think of, namely a gymnasium, badminton courts, table tennis, & squash courts, pool tables, aerobics center swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bowling alley, climbing the wall, meditation hall, Bank, Laundromat, company store and 5-bed medical center.

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Stuff you should carry along to campus:

  • Your formal wear, at least 5 of them some casual wear for Saturdays and Sundays. You may or may not take matching Ties(Ties are now optional for the time being as declared by Vishal Sikka), socks, belts.

Update: Infosys has withdrawn their “wearing formal” rule. So you can wear anything from Monday to Friday. But please it must be decent enough. (Thanks to Subhayu Biswas for pointing this out)

  • A pair of each formal and casual shoes.
  • Ipods/Good smartphones are an absolute must if you want to survive in the high burden of studies for the relaxing.
  • Most importantly carry a credit or international debit card so that you can pay your expenses for the first month. You will not get laundry coupons if you don’t have a credit/debit card.

Stuff you may or may not carry:

  • nail cutters
  • pens, pencil, copies and all kinds of stationary.
  • facial  products
  •  Umbrellas/rain coats. ( Hahahaha Shocked to read this? Dude, you need to have this. Come to campus and see it yourself)

Stuff you should not bring:

  • LAPTOPS ( really heartbreaking news)
  • Data Carriers i.e CDs, DVDs, Pendrives, floppy or other such stuff.
  • Towels and bed sheets.
  • Soaps, mugs ,etc

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Things you should not do in Mysore campus: 

  • Smoking inside your hostel rooms, every room has a smoke sensor, you will be in great trouble. Get rid of these habits before coming to campus.
  • Roaming late night on campus roads with your new girl/boyfriend.
  • Do not enter the campus gates when you are drunk, Infosys campus has the facility to carry out drinking test in their own medical clinic. If you are found guilty, you will have to pay heavy penalties.
  •  Avoid playing  games in your PC’s or  do not get caught.
  •  Do not entertain with the campus stuff, especially emergency alarm, fire alarm etc. The campus has a full arrangement of CCTV cameras to record your activities.
  • For Interns, Do not give your ID card to your friends to swipe in attendance on your behalf. It is a sin there. If caught, you will have to pay a high penalty for this.

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View Infosys Mysore Campus: 

I hope this article would have helped you to know about campus. Share it with your other friends.  Be ready to give the feedback below.

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Note: Guys, I am getting a lot of comments regarding joining date and other joining related queries. Please be informed that I am not in the Infosys Placement Team and does not know about recruitment and another process. I have done Internship in Infosys Mysore and now working with Infosys. I have written this article on my experience to help you all guys in understanding the life at Mysore Campus. I may help you in knowing the internship process as I have undergone, but I may not be able to able to solve any other queries. If you have any doubt regarding this I will happily help you, folks 🙂

I hope you find this article helpful. Don’t Forget To Share It with your friends and subscribe to our Email newsletter for more such updates. Do you have more information to share? Do share your feedback and comments.

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  1. Hi Yogesh,

    You will have a project module in the last of your internship. However, I am not sure if you will be allowed to take the source code from the Infosys to showcase as your final year project or not. In our case, we submitted the project demo (along with documentations) to Infosys. And for presenting the project in the college, we only created PPTs and documents regarding the project. Infosys itself has sent the overall assessment to our college and based on that we got our final semester marks.

  2. Sir, I am a final year student. Will Infosys give me some project during the internship so that i can show this as my final year project or can i only do the project along with my friends back in college?

  3. Hi, should we need to travel to Mysore or from Infosys side travel will be provided? I mean for training period. Thank you

  4. Hi Raju,

    You can start studying about OOPS and RDBMS concepts as they are generic and will be used in your training for sure.

    PS: Infosys has well-planned schedule for Non-CS/IT students so it won’t be that difficult 😀

  5. Hello sir , my name is Raju from hyderabad, i have completed my btech in 2015 in electrical branch , can u send me some courses are useful to my training,i can learn those before my joining

  6. Hello sir
    I want to ask if i’m comfortable for joining and have no problem in joining due to fractured arm will infy allow me for their training?

  7. Hello sir,
    I have a doubt if i extend my DOJ for medical reasons(fractured left arm) will my doj be extended?
    Is there any chance of cancellation of my joining letter if i want to extend my doj?
    What documents should i provide in order to extend my doj?

  8. Hi Ragunathan,

    For trainees, I think it is mandatory to stay in the campus. But you can contact the concerned team raising your concern. Let us see if they agree on this.

  9. Hi Bro.
    I am going to join in a month. I am from Chennai. Is it mandatory to stay in campus. I thought that i have to rent a home there and shift there. Bcz my mom will be left alone in chennai. If it is mandatory to stay only in campus then i will arrange my relatives to stay with my mom.

  10. Hi Prashanth,

    Passport is not mandatory at the time of joining. But you will need to update your passport in Infosys system (within six months or one year). I would suggest if you get time, apply for it at least before joining.

  11. Sir,
    I didn’t apply for passport sir, will there be any issues regarding this. I have all other remaining proofs. What is the compensation I have to make if I didn’t apply for passport sir, Reply me ASAP very urgent.
    Note:I haven’t applied itself.

  12. Thanks sir. I have one more doubt. Is it mandatory that the surety needs to sign the service agreement on reporting day or that can be done before? Is it necessary to bring surety on reporting day?

  13. Hi Alfaraz,

    I doubt that any food court will be available at that time (Not sure in times of Ramzan if they open early). It will be good if we can check with anybody who is there at this time.

  14. Sir,
    My DOJ is 20th june and its fasting (Ramzan) time for us. I need to have food at early morning 4 clk. Is there any food courts available at that time?

  15. Hi Kabilan,

    You will be provided with Soaps (or you can easily buy soaps in Infosys campus itself). Reliance data card should not be a problem. The very first day(or max 2 days), you will have induction where you will be taught about campus policies, documents verifications and all.

  16. Soaps aren’t allowed??? Seriously????
    My joining date is 27 June. Can I carry a reliance data card??? What is induction day??? I have received mails with a note saying to wear formals on induction day.So is it a day or days???

  17. Hi Saima,

    Infy can grant you leaves provided you do not have any tests at that particular point of time. But I doubt if you can get leaves for 6 days. IF you extend your DOJ, you can never be sure when you will get a new batch. Try if you can get leaves for few days. Otherwise, you can extend your DOJ anyways.

  18. Hello Sir
    My DOJ is 20.6.2016…My sister’s wedding is on 17.7.2016…Will i be granted leave for 6 working days? Or shud i request infosys for an extension of DOJ? I am a bit confused. What is ur opinion? Pls help.

  19. Hi Hari,

    You will be provided training from the very basic concepts and you can clear it easily if you study regularly. However, it will be good if you can have some knowledge in advance.

  20. Hai sir,
    I am from electrical.., is this necessary to prepare java , oops before joining ?

  21. Hello Sir,

    I’ll be joining Infosys in a month. Is it ok if we carry a MP3 player?

  22. Thank u sir. but I’m not provided with any Infosys email id. In the call letter I got only
    Is this mail id u r saying?
    plz mail me the procedure clearly.


  23. Sir,
    I got call letter yesterday. In that, the surname is different from my passport which was a mistake I made while filling up the form at the time of recruitment. So how to change the surname before joining. please reply as soon as possivle.thank u

  24. Hi…
    I’m gonna join infosys mysore this sunday , so may i know what ll be the time period of my training ??
    and can i bring my laptop and smart phone with me ?

  25. Hi Zural,

    Passport is not mandatory at time of joining. But it will be good if he can apply for the passport before he joins. He will have to submit the passport details in Infosys system within few months after joining. Yes, he can wash clothes by paying cash also. Also, he will soon get a debit card in few initial days itself.

  26. Hi admin,
    My bro got placed in infosys and will be joining next month.
    I need to know if passport is mandatory for joining since he doesnt have a passport.
    Also I have read that for washing coupons, debit card is mandatory. Can we wash clothes by paying in direct.
    Also within how many days, he will receive an ICICI debit card.

  27. Hi admin this may be a stupid question but can we carry basic things like Shaving kit and medicines? please i would appreciate a reply as soon as possible .

    Thank you in advance

  28. Hi Athira,

    Yes, your brother will have to go on Sunday only. On Sunday, there won’t be any classes but everything else will be opened. He can check-in on Sunday and get his accommodation 🙂

  29. Sir,
    My brother got placed in Infosys and his joining date as mentioned in the mail is May 23rd 2016 which is a Monday. I understand that the check in day is the day previous to joining date which is a Sunday in this case. Will the office be open and working on a Sunday? Or should he reach there by Saturday or Friday?
    Thank you

  30. Hi Sunny,

    You will be given training from very basics for each module. Then you will have tests for each module as soon as the module is getting completed. If you can not clear test in the first attempt, you will get another chance for retest. If you can not clear internship then you will get another chance to come again and join as a regular trainee and do training again.

  31. hi… my friend and me got selected in infosys … we want to know that can we have day off………….

  32. sir i got placed in infosys through my university placements and am from cse dept but am not well versed in programming and nw they called me for internship program with project so i need to know whether if i cant clear internship program will they allow allow me to do project there in infosys ? and will they call me again for foundation program to do the course from basics??

  33. Hi admin,

    Thanks for your update regarding the ‘Formal’ wearing rule. I was in the midst of my training when suddenly one day we didn’t had to wear formals anymore. It was kinda weird. Until then I used to wear a black jeans(I had 3 of them) and if the guards caught me I used to tell them ‘Come,on Dont you understand the difference between a formal trouser and a jeans’ 😛 😛

    But remember trainees Dress Sharp and Smart !! shoes must be covered once !! Even kittos are a big no-no, forget about sleepers !! Look good, flaunt ur style !! And have a great time at mysore 🙂

    My best time was at mysore and I miss it like anything ! 🙂

  34. hey if laptops are not allowed then do we have desktops in our room? can we atleast keep them in our hostel rooms? if not then how do we access net for study purposes?

  35. Thanks Subhayu for pointing this out – Infosys has withdrawn their “wearing formal” rule. I know for employees it is already withdrawn. But I was not sure about the trainees and interns. I am updating this in my article so that even if anyone miss to read your comment, he/she will get to know at least. Thanks once again 🙂

  36. ABOUT SMOKING: Well, you are not allowed to smoke inside the rooms because they are fitted with smoke alarms. But guys, every ECC(Employee Care Center) in which boys are going to get accommodated have SMOKING ZONES at the ground floor. So do not worry. At most in emergency cases you can smoke inside your restrooms but that too is not recommended. (Though I used to utilize the restroom when I was too lazy :P), But then you need to have a great Rapo with the your floor’s housekeeping fellow. If he is good then its ok(Like in my case, he used to inform me beforehand about any checking that was likely to happen :P), but if not, you are in trouble. BUT ITS ILLEGAL TO SMOKE INSIDE, So I recommend you to rush to the nearest smoking zone.

  37. To all the trainees who are newly joining…All the above information are to the point and perfect as provided by our admin…. Only change is that, Infosys has withdrawn their “wearing formal” rule. So you can wear anything from Monday to Friday. But please it must be decent enough… Like do not wear “gym shorts” or “Gym vests” or “Gym Tracks” to your classes and a strict no no for “Bathroom slippers”. BUT, Jeans and Loafers are WELCOME… You can wear them all the time to your classes all the Time.

  38. Day time is much more enough for me to meet her. I wrk in Genpact Uppal.. So, I can come from Hyd to mysore nd meet her. Anyway thank u so much. By anychance do we have any restaurants out of the campus if possible..

  39. Yes in weekend she can stay out from campus as long as she wants (even night outs 😉 ). Nobody will ask about it 🙂

  40. I have a quick question can some one help . My gf is selected in infosys., I would like to travel frm hyd to mgsore to see her every weekend. Will they send her out of the campus for an hour.. plz respond e..

  41. Hi Meghana,

    You will be studying these technologies: Java, OOPS, .NET, RDBMS, SE , .NET framework, Java Framework etc. If you are from CS/IT background then it will not be much difficult for you 🙂

  42. Good afternoon sir…. sir I want to know about the courses we are going to read during training period. Is it very difficult???? sir plz do reply…

  43. Yes if your result is declared late or if you have not got marksheet from your college, you can submit it later on.

  44. Hi sir, the address mentioned in my offer letter has a slight variation from the address proofs that i have…Will that be an issue?

  45. Hi Purnima,

    For Non CS/IT folks, Infosys has a well planned structure for giving training. You will be given training from very basic fundamentals to high level. If you are interested in IT sector then this training will be very useful and memorable one for you. But if after joining training you lose your interest then it will be a big problem. So I would recommend you to think twice before leaving your core field ( Civil field) and switching to IT field.

  46. The error was in date of signing . I didn’t leave blank space for it. It got printed as [date of signing] instead of [ ]. So they told me to use a whitener there.

  47. Hi Sabika,

    IS the error on crucial part i.e. is it on your/surety/company name? Is it on 1st page or other page? If it is on other page and in some sentence then it is ok. But as you have already spoken to Infosys helpline and they are suggesting to use whitener, then you can use it without any worries 🙂

  48. Hello sir
    I made my service agreement and then found an error in it.I spoke to Infosys helpline regarding it. They told that I can use a whitener to rectify it. Will I face any problem in Mysore for my service agreement?

  49. hello sir
    Is any food is allowed in hostel rooms??
    I mean like dry fruits biscuit etc.??

  50. Hi Shilpa,

    For a trainee it is not mandatory to have a passport at time of joining. You will get one year to submit your passport to Infosys. But I would recommend you to apply for passport before joining so that during training you will have your passport ready 🙂

  51. Hi admin,
    I have issues in my birth certificate and it will take more than two weeks to solve it. After that I have to apply for passport. My joining date is July 6th. I have been asked to bring my passport. But by then, I won’t have it. What should I do? Is it OK Going there without passport?

  52. Hi Meghana,

    You do not need to send any confirmation that you are ready to join Infosys. Since your joining date is 3rd August you have lot of time, you will get accommodation related mail till June end. And you need to report on 2nd August (Check in date is a day before your joining date) 🙂

  53. Hi Swaranjali,

    Since you have 20 days for your joining, you ll get respective mail in few days. Yes you can print your application form as well 🙂

  54. Sir, sorry to disturb you. Sir I got my offer of employment 7days before but Sir I m a little bit confuse what to do next. Is there any confirmation needed from my side to infosys? stating that I hv gt the offer letter and m going to join infosys willingly by accepting all the rules and regulations. I have not get any accomodation related information yet. My joining date is 3rd August, On which date i need to report in infosys campus sir?
    Sir Please Please please please please please do reply. Thanks a lot sir.

  55. Hello sir
    My DOJ is 6th july but i haven’t got any email regarding medical tests

    And sir do we have to print our application form before we go to Infosys??

  56. Rooms are provided in the way you stand in queues while check in. (Stand with your friend in queue to get room with her)

  57. hello sir

    I got my offer letter couple of days ago my DOJ is 6th July 2015.
    I just wanted to ask that the choice of room mate is ours or company will choose any random girl?

  58. Thank u so much sir. I will provide her wedding card as a proof and I hope they give me atleast 2-3 days

  59. Yes, you will have to inform your batch owner/HR for same earlier. If you are not having module tests then it will be ok otherwise you will have to convince them.

  60. I have got my joining date as July 6th
    My sister’s marriage is on august 26th, will they give me leave so that i can attend her wedding?

  61. hi i am santhosh from tamil nadu i m selected in infosys bpo on this year jan…. they are said to me after my result they will send me an joing letter to me i m waiting for that ,i have a small clarification , after i m joining the training how many days i will get the free accomandation for that mysore campus …

  62. Hi Gopal,

    Though its not a big difference between your actual and minimum required criteria, I would recommend you to send a note to HR team (or through your TPO to respective HR) to intimate them.

  63. hi admin i am already said my problem. i am 2015 batch out students. still i am not get any call letter from infosys. Hi admin, i am selected in INFOSYS . at the time of interview the eligible criteria is 70% . but after completion of B.E i have 69.4% . my friends said i will be reject in certificate verification. is it true?? . Am i reject in certificate verification? is it problem or not?

  64. Hi Meghna, After training you will be getting 22923 in hand. But I am not sure how much stipend do bsc students get.

  65. Sir As we are bsc student hw much stipend we gt during training and hw much salary we gt after training???? Sir Plz do reply.

  66. Hi admin, i am selected in INFOSYS . at the time of interview the eligible criteria is 70% . but after completion of B.E i have 69.4% . my friends said i will be reject in certificate verification. is it true?? . Am i reject in certificate verification? is it problem or not?

  67. Hi Swaranjali, Joining date is entirely dependent on business requirements and Mysore campus vacancy. We can not predict this. And Yes, you can bring camera with your memory card inside it. External devices such as pen drive, Laptop, Portable hard disks are not allowed.

  68. Hello sir

    I got selected in Infosys in Dec 2014
    Can u guess when will be my joining?

    And i am a serious photographer can i bring my camera to mysore?? Because it is mentioned that data carriers like cards are also not allowed so how i can use my camera widout a memkry card??

  69. Though you will have multiple retests if you fail in internship….but still if you can not clear it…you will be given chance to join as regular trainee and do regular training.

  70. No, you just need to carry one ID Card on check-in day to enter into campus for accommodation. You will have one year to update your PAN Card to Infosys.

  71. Yes, they will surely call you once business requirements will come and when they will be starting new batches. But we can not predict the delay and wait that you will have to do.

  72. Hello Sir
    Thank you for your priceless help.
    My joining date was 11th May. I requested Infosys for extending the date of joining by 30 days. They replied me stating the following:
    “Please note that your extension request has been considered. However, we cannot assure any date of joining during the period requested by you since joining dates are decided based on business requirements. However, we will try to accommodate you if we have any batches joining at that point in time.”
    So will they call me again for joining as they didn’t specify my new date of joining?

  73. Hi Velu,
    You will have a great experience here. Study material and facilities provided here will help you to learn all the technologies, though you are from non CS background. Streams will be divided into modules. All schedule of modules including tests will be intimated to you once you join. You will be given training from the very basic fundamentals. Be a keen learner and Soon you will be good in programming and other technologies as well.

  74. Hi Admin,
    I’m from ece background and I have little knowledge about programming I knw only basic so worried about training …is this enough to pass the exams with the classroom training in Mysore or else I have to undergo special courses before my training….???

  75. Sir plz share the list of all the medical tests required to dn before joining nd the accepted hospitals also…

  76. Hi, You should get mail regarding medical tests and accommodation by 10th May. We also get it one week prior joining. If you still want I can share all medical tests and accepted Hospital list.

  77. Hi Binay, Once you get accommodation mail from Infosys, you will get contact details for all your queries (queries regarding updation in your details, take extension etc), You can send a mail to extend your date of joining to respective mail and they will extend your DOJ.

  78. Sir due to some unavoidable situations I am not able to join on my specified joining date i,e, 11th May.
    1) Can I request to postpone my date of joining? 2) Will they surely call me back for training if they postpone the date?
    3) Pease tell me the procedure to request for postponing my date of joining?

  79. Hi sir,
    my date of joining is 18th may 2015.I received offer of employment mail on 23rd april 2015.I haven’t received any mail regardimy medical tests and accommodation still.when can I expect them to be received?

  80. Hi Nilesh, As you have got mail to submit documents, you should get offer letter in Mid May or at max in May itself.

  81. Hello Sir, I have selected in college campus. I get the mail for documents submission and today gets a mail containing login details from I wana knew when will i get my offer letter?

  82. Hi Amit, As per Infosys policy, one should not have active backlog while joining. But you are asking about final Sem, you have to submit your last sem marksheets and final degree within one year as you will be on probation period for one year after competing training. If you can clear the backlog before that and submit all documents then it should be fine. Though I am also not sure.

  83. hello sir i m amit. i want to know that if sombody get a backlog in any sub of final sem. then what happens. does he have to say bye to mysore campus in that case.
    while he is on training at mysore on that time.

  84. Hi Raji, It depends on the business requirements and Mysore campus vacancy. Only you did not receive offer letter or all other folks also who were placed with you ?

  85. Sir , I have placed at infosys.But I haven’t got offer letter yet .when can I expect offer letter?

  86. Hi Harish, After your training you will be posted to your job location. I m not sure if you will get time for trip. If you get time then its good otherwise you can request your posted HR to give you some time and can join later on. Yes you can fill those preferences (though most batches get mail not to fill these locations in preferences as business requirement is low there, but whosoever filled, got these locations). So, you can fill these locations in preferences.
    Good luck 🙂

  87. sir, My training at Mysore will complete on 10th June. I will be going with my family on leisure trip to ooty and will come back to my home town i.e. Delhi. Could you please tell me whether they will permit to join on 1st of July, 2015? Can I fill the following as my preferred location of posting 1. Chandigarh 2. Jaipur 3. pune. Thanks

  88. Hi Harish, Mostly during the last days of training trainees will get their posted location and they have to travel to their location from Mysore itself (A few days gap).

  89. My training at Mysore going to complete on 10th June, 2015. I have not yet received any letter regarding job location. They have not asked for it. Is there any time gap between the date of end of training and actual joining date as am employee.

  90. Okkk..then wait for few more days as it was off campus drive and it will take time to compile it and send offer letter to all the folks.

  91. Hi Chhavi, Mostly those student who are on the edge of Infosys minimum required criteria they get mail to send their documents and mark sheets for cross verification process. If this is the case with you as well, you need not to worry 🙂

  92. hi … I am selected in infosys in oct 172014… But didnt received any mail till yet , but my frndz got mail regarding the documents submission .. sir plz help mee..

  93. Then you all can send a mail to Infosys regarding your university policies. If they will get many mails for same concern they will surely consider this 🙂

  94. Hi Vels, Yes you can intimate Infosys about this. You will have to show all your marksheets on your induction. But if you are providing them university results attested by Principal then it should work. But you will have to raise your concern then and will have to update documents (i.e. upto 7th semesters)into Infosys system as soon as you get. Though you have one year to submit rest documents (8th sem marksheet, Degree Certificate etc)as for starting one year you will be on probation period.

  95. Hello sir,i was selected in Infosys through Anna university off-campus held on january19& friends had received offer letter but still i do not.And i belong to CSE branch.plz help me sir.this is putting me in worry day by day sir.

  96. Hello sir….I got my offer letter and my joining date is May 18…..they asked to bring some certificates at the time of joining…but unfortunately I don’t have my 1,2,6,7 th Sem marksheets and 8 th Sem to as my final xms will over nly on april 29…I would likely get those cert. only at June last…in my college they would provide me with the web page university results attested by principal and a bonfide certificate stating that ….consider this as original marksheet until he receives it from university asap….and course completion certificate… this enough until I get my original marksheets???? Is it necessary to mail infosys now ….explaining the situation and do what should be done??

  97. No sir none of frnd hv gt it….becoz its our last two semester thats y we gt it at the time whn we gt the bsc result……

  98. May last would be very late. None of your batch mates have got 5th semester marksheet? If yes, then your TPO should raise this concern on behalf of all with respective Infosys HR. If its only you who has not got marksheet, then you need to reply to mail stating you have not got marksheet yet and provide proper timeline when you can get this.

  99. Its not mandatory to have physical NSR card at time of joining. You just have to update your ITPin# in Infosys system during training. After training, you will have 1 year to update scanned copy of NSR to Infosys system.

  100. Hello sir. Is it mandatory to have physical nsr card at time of joining? Or ecard/itpin will be enough?

  101. Sir i gt a mail to send my scanned marksheets on offer update…. they are asking for my 5th semester marksheet too…but sir i hv nt gt it till nw…. hopefully i will gt it by may last. Then wt will they do nw… sir plz rspnd to my mail i m very tnsd….

  102. Yes, there are many different vendors from different part of country. You will get South Indian food and North Indian food as well. Yes sure no problem 🙂

  103. Thank u, sir.
    I want to know regarding the food. Is it regional or holds food from all regions everyday? A bit of details..
    Although I know d life @mysore campus is too good & there gonna be no accommodation & food problems, still some more queries might come to my mind till i join. I’l be clearing them out with you.

  104. Hi Tinku,

    1) Mostly the students of same stream (Eg. CSE,ECE, Mech) will be called in same batch.
    2) Yes, Each batch will have its own training’s starting and ending date.
    3) Rooms will be allowed in the order in which you go to campus and stand in row sequence on your checking day. If you want to have room with your particular friend then stand with him in row in sequence. Yes, if you can convince other folk, then you can swap room but illegally.
    4) You can take leave only if you have some valid and strong reason for this. You will need to take approval from your HR and Batch Owner for this.

  105. hello sir, i hav got the joining letter n hav some queries regarding d training.
    1. Do people of same college not called in the same batch??
    2. Will some people having called earlier finish their training earlier than us??
    3. What abt the room allotment? Will we get roomies according to our choice or will be allotted randomly? If randomly, can we swap?
    4. Will we be allowed to take leaves during the training? If yes, of how many days? Based on which reasons will we be granted leave? Will xams n home visits do?

    Kindly help me out with this.

  106. I have extended my joining my infosys joining and now I have got my joining as may 11. I want to know the people who are joining on may 11 r u campus hires or off campus.

  107. Yes, if they have started sending mail for docs submission then your training should get started in May or starting of June 🙂

  108. sir one more doubt, i got selected in the month of december and now they have started sending mails for submission of documents na sir. so, can u predict when we ll get our offerletters sir.(is that in may sir??)

  109. I think then you need not to worry. As you have got the selection mail that is sufficient. It has nothing to do with your placements (As per my conversation with colleague who also joined as trainee.)

  110. yes sir, all of my frnz have got as they had not created the account before. they have got from talent but when i login its displaying the message as its displaying for my other frnz.

  111. Hi, Though it depends on business requirements but I would suggest you to get in touch with your college TPO as its quite a long delay.

  112. Preethi, Have your all friends got mail of user ids and Passwords ? For us (as we were Interns) we did not get such mail containing user id and password so I am not sure what exactly they do with this. As far as submitting documents are concerned, you need not to worry for that as your percentage is more than the minimum required 🙂

  113. hi sir , last week i din get the mail of user id n password sir ,is it bcz that i had already created sir …so if i login with the created username n password its showing as “ur application is under process no further updates s allowed” so this means that i have selected na sir and that since i had already created the account in infosys they din send the user id n password na sir.??plz tell sir n now also since my percentage s good i din get mail to submit my documents .so ill get my offerletter na sir…

  114. Hi admin ,Infosys visited my college on sep 2014. I attended that on campus drive and got placed.Bt i don’t receive any mail regarding my job. When will thy call me?.

  115. Hi dhruvil, The joining date depends on the business requirements. And you will get your offer letter ~1 month prior joining.

  116. Hi Binay, You can report at any time on 10th May as accommodation is provided from a day before joining i.e 10th May. Though they also provide check in time for your convenience but that is ok if you are reporting at any time on the given day.

  117. hi sir , i would like to know that befor how many min days infosys will send a offer letter..

  118. Hello sir, Ty so much for all the informations.
    I got my joining on 11th May and I have been asked to report at Mysore Campus on 10th but didn’t specify any time of reporting. So can you please tell me between which time on 10th May should I reach the Mysore campus? Will they allow me to enter the campus and allot me my room if I reach by 11pm or 11:30pm on 10th May?

  119. yes sir there are some of my friends who haven’t got mail n having more percentage

    Thank u so much..!!

  120. Ohh dats great then 🙂 If there are other folks who have percentage more than this and did not get mail to submit documents then you need not to worry 😀

  121. Yes, but could you please confirm from all of the folks who got mail to send their documents are on the edge of minimum required criteria. I am not sure if there is any change in Infosys process now.

  122. Hi Amit, In our case only those student who were on the edge of Infosys minimum required criteria they got mail to send their documents and mark sheets for cross verification process. If this is the case, you do not need to worry 🙂

  123. Hi Preethi, in our case only those student who were on the edge of Infosys minimum required criteria they got mail to send their documents and mark sheets for cross verification process. If this is the case, you do not need to worry 🙂

  124. dear sir,
    preethi here, dear sir i had been selected to infosys when the drive was conducted on December 23rd and 24th at jain college, jayanagar. my main reason of writing to you is i am not getting any mails from infosys but my friends from other colleges have got. they have got mail to send their scanned marks card copies but i din get yet sir .kindly check my status and let me know when ill get my mail sir,but when i login in to the infosys account its showing as “your application s under process no further updates to profile s allowed” what does this mean sir .please kindly oblige.

    thanking you,
    yours sincerely,

    my DOB:-09.05.1995
    my candidate id:- 64929395

  125. SIR, I hv received a mail regarding submission of marksheets of X,XII nd bsc. Sir i wnt to ask you that is certificates are also required or only marksheets????

  126. hello admin.
    i have been selected in infosys by a campus drive. which was held on 28th & 29th jan. Total 7 students got selection in my college. and 3 of them got mail to submit their marksheets. but i did not get as this kind of mail.
    will it be a problem…. please help me.

  127. thank you sir… it means I dont have to worry ???
    n i have got percentage much more than their criteria…

    so i dont have t worry right???

  128. Hey Swaranjali, i have the same issue. Did you talk to your placement office of college? if not please do and if you got any info please do tell me as my college is showing a little laziness in handling matter.
    Also if its okay maybe you can give me your mail id and i can contact you.

  129. Hi Swaranjali, In our case, only those students who had their percentage very close to Infosys minimum required criteria got mails to submit docs not everyone. If this is the case, then you have not got because you are not at the edge of minimum criteria.

  130. I got same issue as Dhruvil, havn’t recieve mail for document submission. Few others also didn’t get the mail but mostly got. I mailed the problem on id you just refered 2 days ago. i havn’t got any response yet.
    It started to trouble me a bit as i left 2 companies to join infosys.

  131. Yes, then send all the documents that you have before 24th itself. If they will need 5th sem marksheet they will follow up with you 🙂

  132. Hello sir I m Swaranjali
    I was selected in Infosys in a campus drive on 29-30 Dec 2014
    Yesterday some of my friends who were selected with me got an email that they have to submit some doc n mark sheet before 24th April
    Me n my other friends haven’t got the mail
    So what should we do ?? I m little worried

  133. Dhruvil, might be you will be in same batch as your friends. Else you can request them to change your date of joining. Let me know what happens…I will provide you another contact detail for joining related queries.

  134. hi admin ,
    my all friends were going on 11 may so will they help me to send me on 11 may..?
    and i already mail on that email..

  135. hi admin , i am dhruvil yesterday my all friends of collg who got selected in infosys got there offer letter of joining on 11 may but i didnt get till now so is there any problem cz i m too much woried for this…
    please sugest me what i should do and if i want to contact at infosys regarding this matter so is there any call servies is provided please rep me fast

  136. hlo sir, yesterday i received an email from infosys they asked all the selected candidates to send the scanned photocopies of all the marksheets. Our 5th sem results are out but marksheet for the semester is not available yet. So what should we do wait untill 24th april the last date for sending the marksheets or we should send it without 5th sem marksheet?

  137. I am not well aware about his question. I think it should be same for all degree folks. Though for MTech folks it varies.

  138. Hello sir,
    What is the job posting for bca students during joining?
    What is the salary structure for bca candidates? Is it same for all or differ based on degree?

  139. Hi Hari, Does anyone from your batch or whosoever selected with you, get offer letter ? Else you can ask your college TPO to get in touch with HR team that came for recruitment to know about your joining.

  140. Hello sir, I am harikrishna placed six months back but I didnt recieve any offer or call letter when we will get this?

  141. Hi Kavitha, it depends on business requirements. You will get offer letter 1-2 months prior joining. You can apply for NSR before joining so that during your training you will have your NSR card.

  142. Hello sir,
    When infosys 2015 training for first batch start?when will the offer letter will be provided for bca students? Do i need NSR card during joining? Can i apply for it now?

  143. Hi, Passport is not required while joining training. You can also apply for that after training. But if possible, i would suggest you to apply it before going for training 🙂

  144. sir, is passport is required while going for training aur can i apply for that after training

  145. Hi Indhu,

    1) It depends on the business requirement and also on Mysore campus capacity to start new batches.
    2) Yes, if you are from same stream and were selected in campus placement drive then you will get same date of joining.
    3) No, driving license is not needed. Though you need to have one of your Id Proof to enter into campus while checking in. It can be PAN card, Passport or Aadhar Card.

  146. Sir i am indhu got selected in infosys during november 2014 doing bca in ethiraj college
    1) when i vl get my training started
    2) will infosys provide offer letter along with our college students or we will get different date of joining?
    3) is driving licence needed during joining?

  147. Thank you sir, i have uploaded the consolidated marksheet till 7th semester yesterday. They have
    Replied today…” Thanks for uploading your documents”. I think now they will consider my latest CGPA and will provide me offer letter.

  148. Hi Jitesh,

    It is Ok if you don’t have passport at time of joining. As before 2-3 years you can not go onsite. After that if you want to go onsite or abroad then you will have to get your passport at any cost. Else you can stay here at offshore and continue to work.

  149. I don’t have passport and also don’t have any address proof older than one year .. so i m not able to apply for passport…Does it affect me after joining infosys … I have PAN card

  150. Ohh I would suggest you to send the consolidated mail once again stating the change in CGPA. If they have not responded you back, it is likely that they will consider latest CGPA 🙂

  151. No sir.. I have uploaded the marksheets before the 7th semester result, only till 6th semester. Is it possible now to send them 7th semester marksheet as well??

  152. Hi Gautam, Have you also submitted 7th Sem Result and the consolidated result after 7th Sems? If yes, then no need to worry 🙂

  153. Hey Nithin, Yes you will be given 13K stipend per month. Once you complete your training and join as Employee, you will be given 22.9K in hand salary as you will be on Probation period for 1 year. After one year, you will get 28.6K salary in hand 🙂

  154. I was also told my package will be 3.25 LPA are they referring to the training period or later? you said during training they pay only 13k per month in hand salary , what numbers do they actually state (including taxes) ?! Thanks in advance sir!!

  155. No, laptops or any kind of storage devices are not allowed inside the campus. For food, there are different vendors for North and South Indian foods. You can choose whatever you want.

  156. Thank you sir for the reply !!! I am Joining as a software engineer trainee 🙂 Sir , are our laptops , external hard drives and such digital electronics equipment’s allowed inside the hostels we stay in during training in Mysore campus ? How is the food there in Mysore campus?

  157. Hello sir, i am gautam placed in infosys. I got the mail from infosys for document verification and i had already replied to the mail with the scanned copies. But at the tym of campus my cgpa was 5.97, after 7th sem result it is 6.00 now. 10th n 12th is above 60. Will my offer letter be rejected??

  158. Hi Geethu, Apologies I may not be the right person to answer this. You will need to check with some one who is in BPO as BPO is totally a different unit.

  159. Hi Akansha,

    TALENTACQUISITION is for tracking record of folks. If you have already filled details before….then its ok.

    2) You did not get mail for submitting document means that you have Academic Percentage/CGPA more than the minimum required criteria by Infosys. Only folks who have percentage/CGPA on the edge of minimum required criteria they are asked to submit documents for cross verification.

    3) If you do not want your studies to be stopped you can do MCA first and then again try for Infosys. I am not sure if MCA by distance learning is valuable or not. You can ask someone who has done that. But yes I can say once you join a job..then its really difficult to think about studies again. But yes it varies from people to people.

    4) NSR is National Skill Registry. You have to apply for NSR prior joining as you have to update this information in Infosys system. And Passport is not required at time of joining. Though its good to have it before joining or atleast apply before joining so after training you can have it. Else you can apply post training as well. Its not mandatory.

    Let me know if anything else is required 🙂

  160. Hi Nithin, Once you join Infosys you will be joined as System Engineer Trainee(Stipend 13K in hand) or if joining as Intern( then 4K). After completing your training you will be on probation period for 1 year and your job Profile will be System Engineer(In hand Salary 22.9K). After 1 year your designation will be same as System Engineer but your salary will be 28K (Plus Incentive if any). Then you will have 1 year to earn some credits to change your job profile to Senior System Engineer. Yes your appraisals depends on your performances, if its good then you can easily Promoted. But in starting you have to wait atleast 2 years to become SSE. Things go in same way for higher level as well.

  161. Thank You Sir, I had another Question even after a lot of research on the internet I couldn’t arrive at an answer. The question is :- What are the job levels at infosys whats the criteria to move from one job level to another ? is it just experience or performance ? Also How much is the pay for different job levels? . Thanks in Advance SIr.

  162. Hello sir, I am akanksha.. i sat for the recruitment process and selected for training at mysore campus…
    Sir, i hv gt a mail frm TALENTACQUISITION mentioning my Id and password for logon to infosys career site, it state some application form which is in process… but it is not showing any application form…
    secondly, sir i didn’t receive the mail for submitting the documents..
    Thirdly, sir i am doing bca last year… N got selected for infosys.. now my parents are putting pressure on me to do mca first so that qualification should be completed first of all… than prefer for job…. I am very much confused.. i don’t want to miss this opportunity….but what to do now… I also don’t want my studies to be stopped… But mca by distance learning is valuable or not….

    Sir what is nsr card…is it important while entry… I don’t have passport and nsr card…

  163. How will be the career growth at Infosys,if joined as a BPO.
    Recently am selected,and will recieve my offer letter soon

  164. Meghana, you were selected on campus or off campus ? As per my discussion with colleague, you have to update your detail in TALENTACQUISITION.

  165. Thanks a ton fr ur rply sir….nd no need to feel guilty…. one more questn sir aftr logging in the status of the form is mentnd as In process,as you said that this is nthng to do with our placement… if i do not access it is thr any prblm…..???

  166. Hi Meghana, Apologies. Your question was overlooked as I got similar question from many folks. I replied to them but somehow I missed to reply you individually.

    Regarding your question, I was Intern and we did not get any login credentials prior joining. But I asked my colleague (who joined as trainee) and he said this has nothing to do with your placement. You just need to login to your TALENTACQUISITION. This is just for record purpose for Infosys.

    Let me know if you have any further doubts.

  167. good morning sir..i have selected in campus selection on feb 23rd2015…my friends got mails from your company…but i have not received any kind of mails from your company…sir please verify and give me the response…

  168. Hi Nithin, Infosys has minimum qualification percentage/grade criteria for recruitment process. Yes you are right folks having <70% will have got mail to submit documents. It is just verification process as Infosys just want to know that folks have given their correct percentage and not given incorrect percentage/grades just to meet minimum criteria to be part of recruitment process. If so, their training will be cancelled now itself rather than inviting them to Mysore campus first and then doing cross verifications and then sending them back home.

  169. I got selected in campus recruitment conducted on Jan 2015 , Some of my friends got mail from infosys asking for documents (10th , PUC & All currently available BE marks Cards) all those who got the mail have a aggregate from 65-70% , have an aggregate of 76% i didnt get it nor did anyone with >70% aggregate , why is that SIr ?

  170. Yes, though they will ask you to give preference other than Chandigarh, Gurgaon and Jaipur as they are very small DC’s and requirements are low. But if you want Jaipur, fill it.. you will definitely get. (As we were also asked not to fill these preferences but whosoever filled got Chandigarh and Jaipur 🙂 )

  171. after training can i give the jaipur branch in my preference for posting after training

  172. You will be asked to give your three preferences during training. It is likely that you will get your posting in 1st preference or maximum among your 3 preferences.

  173. It purely depends on business requirements and Mysore campus capacity. You will get a mail regarding same at least one month prior joining.

  174. When the joining of 2015 batch will start, as i had been started with my initial training in college itself..

  175. Hmmm that will be a bit difficult. Else you can take extend your joining date by some XYZ reasons. (Also one of my friend did not come for internship and after 4 months he got mail from Infosys if he wants to join as trainee in next batch. Though it is not reliable way)

  176. Sir, i m really worried bcs if there is ‘no change’ after rechecking.. then i could clear this backlog in next semester bcs as per the university rules odd sem backlog could be cleared in odd sem.. so it wud be cleared by dec-jan.. bt infy expected trainee date wud be around june-july..
    so accrndng to you, will they allow or not.?

  177. You should not have active back at the time of joining. As you have applied of rechecking and you clear it then no worries 🙂

  178. Sir, I got selected in Infosys through campus drive in starting of 7thsem.. I never got a back, bt in 7sem, I got a back in one of a subject unexpectedly.. I have applied for rechecking.. i want to know that how vl it effect my placement.! vl they still consider me or not?

  179. Hello sir, I hv gt a mail frm TALENTACQUISITION mentioning my Id and password for logon to infosys career site, it state some application form n some data in it . But sir i m nt able to understnd it ,can u plz make me undrstnd abt this…..plz sir…

  180. Hi Lovekesh, It depends on the business requirements and you will be intimated by mail with your offer letter stating the date of joining. 🙂

  181. Hello sir,
    I got selected in infosys drive in chandigarh on 19& 20 feb and i am pursuing bca now .I just wanna know is when the training in mysore campus will start i mean in which month

  182. No, pen drive is not allowed. Any storage media is not allowed as it may prove to be security threats to sensitive and copyright information that Infosys carries.

  183. Hi Gunraj,
    The only reason for this educational qualification verification is that you might have Percenatge/CGPA near to the required Infosys minimum recruitment criteria. If you think you are above that or equal to that , Just send them the documents with no worries. (Even one of my friend was asked to submit documents and now she is working in Infosys 🙂 )

  184. Hello Sir,2 days back,i got a mail from infosys to send them scanned copies of my 10th,+2,college dmc certificates before 27th march,but only few of my friends got this mail and others who are placed did not get this ? What can be the problem ?

  185. Hi Team,

    I had attended to Infosys Interview conducted at st martin’s college hyd on Feb 7th, selected in written test and attended to Tech+HR round on Feb 8. I did not get any result regarding that hr round.

    Is any body get selection mail from Infosys regarding interview conducted at st martin’s college ?
    How long will it takes to get response from infosys?

    Could any one please suggest me.

    Y. Pavani.

  186. Sir,
    When would be the probable staring date of training in Mysore for 2015-May passing out mechanical engineering batch as i have not got any mail regarding the offer details?

    I got selected for an internship project in Germany from my college which will start by May end for a period of 12 weeks.So is there any choice of extending my joining date if it is during my internship period?

  187. Hi, You should get in touch with your respective TPO of your college so they can ask invited Infosys HR team for the whole result.

  188. hi this is Aruneema here….
    On 23rd and 24th of December 2014 we had infosys recruitment drive in Raghu engineering college,Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh…91 candidates got through the drive including me …..recently infosys had sent a mail to each one of the selected candidates but ive not received any such mail…its been a week since the mails were dispatched….what should i do now….i want to know the reason for the delay…

  189. Hi, Don’t worry you will be taught everything from basic. If you are keen learner you will easily learn all technologies and clear all the modules.But though to be on safer side, I would suggest you to do some homework on OOPS, RDBMS, SE as these are generic subjects you will need to undergo at any cost. We can not predict stream as it will be given on random basis. So just get some hands on generic subjects only.

  190. sir i’m from civil engg background.. please suggest me some courses to learn before the training so that it will be easy for me to clear the training

  191. You should have applied your NSR card prior joining. So that you can update your NSR ITPIN into Infosys systems during training itself.

  192. Sir we hv told to make NSR card. Is it required at the time of training?or we cn make it after training…???

  193. If you are joining as trainee then you will have to submit your service agreement prior joining. As per agreement, you can not leave Infosys for one year. You will directly posted to your job locations you may not get time to go home(as it was with us but however it depends on requirement and they can ask you to join job some time later.). If you do so you will have to pay penalty. Though if you will join as intern then there is no such criteria.

  194. Hi Infosys provides training in mainly two streams – Java & .NET. There are some generic subjects that you have to study irrespective of the stream.For each stream further there are some module subjects that you have to undergo.

  195. sir,
    one more thing after training we are supposed to join our jobs to a different locations as per Infosys rules, what if we would not like to join??, will the company would provide us some time to get our bags pack and leave back to home or we have to suddenly leave the premises.

  196. Sir,
    I actually get selected from an on campus drive bca carried out by Infosys in feb2015
    Would you mind telling me like what sort of training (Main concern) criteria do Infosys follow for training it candidates.
    I meant to say that is their like normal subjects or thesis that we will going to study there or they have some other things …

  197. Hi, As per Infosys policy minimum percentage criteria should be greater than 60%. But if you provide your correct percentage in application form and then you passed the interview, So I think they can let you go. As they already knew your percentage and still allowed you to take test and interview. Let’s hope for best 🙂

  198. hi sir, before my training I got mail for Infosys that I have to send all my document like 10,12,degree marksheet …is there ANY problem with this and in my 12th std I got 55% only…will they reject me or let me go. and I got 80% in 10 and in engg CPI-6.99 out of 10.. kindly reply sir its very important for me..please..

  199. I to attended on the same date and can i know when the next batch is getting trained at mysore because i heard people status is still in process from more than 3months. how long they take time to release the results

  200. Hi, I depends on the result compilation. As a stack of result is completed they announce the result. Might be you were selected in joint campus/ off campus that’s why it is delaying.

  201. Hii,
    I gave interview on 6feb 2015, many of my friends have received a mail that was for rejection on 10 and 11 feb, but i havent got any info , is that the case that they first send mail to candidates who are not selected and then to selected ones.???
    In how many days can i expect the result.??
    plz reply

  202. Is thr any other charges for ECC facilities???? If yes then plz say hw much????? And one more question can we take some food items with us????

  203. If you got placed in joint campus then it may take some time as there will be lots of results to compile. So, you should relax, you will get it soon. If you do not get in one more week you can get in touch with your TPO or respective concerned person.

  204. I have completed my interview process on 21-1-2015 and documents were verified and candidature was put on hold, HR told that they will call me within 2 weeks but I didn’t receive any call from them. When I can expect offer letter from them?

  205. Generally the result goes out in few days after your interview. But if you were recruited off the campus or joint campus then it might take some time. Yes, they eliminate folks from interviews also.

  206. I have attended infosys drive in hyderabad on 7th feb 2015 and attended interview on the next day i.e 8th feb 2015. When can i get result of this?
    Will they select everyone from interview to the job or will they eliminate according to the skills in interview?
    As i have seen many people have their joining in infosys in the month of feb 2015, will it take some more time to get result of mine?

  207. To enter into Campus for first time, PAN Card is enough along with your offer letter. But during your induction your Saving account will be created in ICICI Bank, for that you will need to submit your address proof. I am not sure about Ration card will that work or not. Try if you can have any of the proof as given in list.

  208. I dont have any of the following address proof mentioned below for opening account for my internship held on feb 16th .

    i)Driving Licence ( Excluding Maharashtra DL )

    ii) Voter ID ( Excluding J & K )

    iii) Passport

    iv) Aadhar Card

    v) E- Aadha

    Can i show my ration card as an address proof along with my pan card?

  209. Hi, you will soon receive a mail stating all the guidelines and documents you need to carry to Mysore campus. And the duration is 4-6 months depending upon the final project.

  210. Hi.. I got my offer letter on Jan 30th for joining as system engg. trainee on Feb 23rd. When can i expect to receive the other formailty documents ? Also what will b the duration of training ?

  211. No passport is not mandatory at the time of joining. You can apply for the passport before going to Mysore so that once you complete your training you will have your passport ready.

  212. Hello admin, my internship D.O.J is feb 16, in the document check-list it is mentioned that we need to bring passport, but some of my friends don’t have it….is it compulsory that we need to show the passport the day we join?

  213. Hi sir, I got placed n infosys by on campus recruitment process. Now they said me 2 attend “iGearUp – Technical Workshop on FP4.0” in my college. May i know sum details about it?. Plz sir.

  214. We were given 15 days after internship to come back for L&D training. Hope this will be same case for you and will be given few days prior L&D session.

  215. They provide every type of food whether it is North Indian, South Indian, Eastern side. In a broader term, breakfast will cost around Rs 15-25, Lunch around 30-60, Dinner around 35-90. Rest it depends upon what you will have.

  216. sir,
    i am selected by infosys as an intern and my joining date is feb16..and i want to ask a doubt to you.
    1.what are all the foods they provide during the internship program .? you list some foods in morn,eve,and night which are at low cost so that i could save money?
    sry to ask you like this sir…kindly answer ..

  217. You can study OOPS,RDBMS, SE as these are generics modules that you will have to undergo at any cost. Stream will be decided at your induction so we can not predict what will you get.

  218. You can study OOPS, RDBMS, SE as these are generics modules that you will have to undergo at any cost. Stream will be decided at your induction so we can not predict what will you get.

  219. thnx admin… from ECE ….so what are the certifications that i can do before joining as an traineee….so that it could be helpful during the training classes…

  220. hello admin, my date of joining for internship is feb 16,I’m instructed to carry the offer letter and an id proof when i join. In addition to this should i bring any letter of consent from the college?

  221. Hi Ayushi, AS you are from IT background , it will not be much difficult. If you will practice regularly, you can complete it with good grades.

  222. Hello admin…..

    I m from it background…..
    What is the difficulty level of this training. ..

  223. Recently I have selected in Infosys on Jan 23 so in training do the girls also have the uniform and also I didn’t received a mail of confirmation when do I get it.please reply

  224. You will get your offer letter soon. If you are joining as regular trainee then it will be around 13K and if you are joining as Intern then it will be 4K. No storage devices are allowed inside the campus.

  225. i had selected in the INFOSYS selection process on jan19… off campus placement programme..i didnt get my offer letter till now…when i will get my offer….and wat about salary in that period????……why NO LAPTOPS??? 🙁

  226. You need to carry one of your identity card to enter into campus. It can be either pan card, license, passport etc. You need to submit all your marksheets/certificates (photostat). but you will have to carry original one also for verification. During induction your saving account will be opened in ICICI bank so also you will need identity cards as a proof.

  227. sir.. do v need the originals of pan card, license, 10th n 12th mark sheets?? or only d originals of semester marksheets?
    thanks in advance..

  228. sir,
    In addition to stipend 4k,will they give any other stipend or benefits during the internship program?

  229. Hi Ahamed,

    1) Food charges are nominal. It depends on you what you eat.
    2) Yes usually you will have a lunch break from 12:30-2 PM. You can go a bit earlier if you want.
    3) No, if student has completed internship successfully. Then they do not reject him. Joining date may be a bit later.
    4) Yes, if you complete internship with good grades then you get extra TPI (Training Program Incentive) along with your regular salary.

  230. sir,
    i am ahamed..i had selected by infosys by campus interview.they have sent me the offer letter.but in offer letter they have mentioned me as a trainee ..but it is a internship program..and i have been called by infosys to join in feb 16. at mysore campus.they have mentioned my stipend as 4k.and they mentioned accomodation is free. much the food costs for morning,afternoon,night at mysore campus..?
    2.will they allow me to go to mosque on FRIDAY from 12.15-2.00?
    3.will they reject any student after completion of the internship program?
    4.will they give any extra benefits after the completion of internship?

  231. hi..can i take 1-2 days leave during training period ?if i want to quit infosys during training or post-training should i pay?and hw much will it be..can u pls reply

  232. Hi, It depends on the business requirements and capacity of campus if new batches can be invited there or not. And regular training period is 4-5 months.

  233. Hi Admin,I have been selected through the anna university off campus on January 20.So please tell me wen will I get my offer letter.Also how many months will the training lasts

  234. Hi Meghana, It depends the business requirements and capacity of campus if new batches can be invited there or not. Hope you will get it soon 🙂

  235. Good evng sir… i hd gn thrw a campus selection prgrm cndctd by infosys on 18jan nd luckily i gt the chance to join this prestigious institution…. bt i hv nt get the confirmation letter yet… cn you say whn did i gt it??????

  236. There are security guards in front of every hostels. Though boys can come near girls hostel to some extent but they can not enter into it.

  237. Helli admin
    Can u pls tell me if there are strict rules for boys not being able to enter girls hostels/rooms..or they easily sneak in?

  238. Hello Sir !! Will they permit me to attend my final review of my project at college when my intern is going on? I hav my intern date scheduled on Feb16. Are laptops allowed to be used inside hostels?

  239. Sorry for bothering you so much but is this for sure that I’ll get next mail and if yes then within what time I’ll get that?

  240. Yes you can take extension. With offer letter you will be given with different email where you can contact if you want to extend your date of joining. Just drop an email.

  241. My joining date is Feb 16,2015 but right now my post graduation is running as well and I have my regular classes for this semester.If I ask infy to extend my joining date..what will be the response??

  242. If you have valid reason than you can request your respective HR/Batch Owner to grant you leaves. They will surely provide you. But I don’t think they will provide you leaves for two weeks. You may miss your module if you go on leave for one or two weeks. Rest depending upon the reason they will provide you appropriate leaves.

  243. During training in case if I need to go back home for one or two weeks.Then is there any provision for taking a leave.

  244. Sir I just want to ask you that can we reach the campus a day prior to the date of joining…my joining date is on 9th feb

  245. Hi Mr.Admin..
    Is there any bond that we have to sign that we have to work for infosys once got trained…if so how many years…and what is the elegiblity criteria whether the student had backlogs during the college and cleared can also apply…could u pls clarify this…?

  246. Yes you will be easily able to grab it and clear all modules as you are from IT background. Tests will be from given PPTs and Study materials only. Practice regularly you will earn good grades.

  247. How will be the internships ? Its mentioned that its a fast track training . So will I be able to cope up with the mentioned subjects soon and learn it? I come from an IT backround.

  248. whoa you replied to each comment.
    I wanted to know about the ban on laptops. aren’t they allowed atleast in our hostel rooms.

  249. Don’t worry. You did not mention wrong cgpa. It is acceptable. Difference is just 0.03. If you were on edge of minimum eligibility criteria then it could cause a problem. But it does not matter now. You will get a mail stating all the documents that you need to submit. Usually you will have to take all your original Certificates/Marksheet with min 3 photostat copies of each Certificate/Marksheets. They will verify photostat copies with original one and will give you back original certificates.

  250. Thank u so much.actually I am going to join on 9th Feb.for documentation what will be required?please help me.i am still nervous for my wrong cgpa number in application in graduation.

  251. hey admin i hv been selected for the Infosys training in mysore from 9th feb. i received the ofr of employmnt on 21st jan , 2015, along with the service agreement papers. when r they going to mail me about the accommodation and other details?

  252. That is Ok. Just update that information in system correctly when you will join Infosys. NO one gonna ask you about it so relax 🙂

  253. iiHh admin,I am joining as system engineer trainee on 9th Feb at mysore.i got a application the CGPA of graduation is 7.38. But my actual CGPA is 7.35. so,please help me.i am a big problem.

  254. Nope 🙂 Though we were also asked but its not mandatory. Few of my friends applied for passport after training. It is ok. You just have to update Passport number into Infosys system. (Infosys will not send you onsite after completing your training :p Relax :))

  255. If you are regular trainee not a lateral one and joining Mysore campus for training then Passport is not required until you complete your training at Mysore. You will have more than 4 months to submit your passport.

  256. hai admin I have received my offer letter by today morning and my date of joining feb-9 2015 is the HR team has asked me to submit my passport on the date of joining.. today only i have applied for passport what can i do??

  257. As per my knowledge, trainees have to submit medical certificate on 1st day of their joining during induction. IF you want to be on safer side, I can provide you medical tests to done and list of hospitals that are accepted.Will that help ?

  258. hi , priya here i am completly a fresher of bcom can i join u guys ………??
    if so how do i ………?
    guide he someone plzz

  259. hi admin my joining date is on 2feb 2015. as trainee .and i yet to receive guidelines,about medical tests details. this is rising tension i have less time . adn what to i do now plz reply sir

  260. No you don’t get leaves during training. If you have urgent issues then you can request your respective HR with valid proof to provide you leaves.

  261. It depends on business requirements and Mysore accommodations. If there are new batches going to be start then you may picked up for that. But one of my friend did not join internship and he got offer letter for training after 4 months along with ECE students that were selected in our campus drive.

  262. Hey Admin…….. Could you please tell how much do we get in hand if we joining as a fresher in training period. My package is 1.5

  263. Sry fr d misinterpretation sir…i just got a phone said that it was the offer letter.and they hav invited for yhe introduction

  264. Also that day they told that we ll be getting our results on 3-4 weeks.but now only 7days have passed nd habe called fr a round . Please help me out asto what is going to happen in the process and how to prepare for it

  265. But sir, in that interview they asked technical questions as well.
    And they mentioned that it was an interview.But for this process they have not mentioned that it is an interview or not.Also.i wud like to add that , the interview which I faced was in some college. With a fixed reporting time.but this invitation is for coming to.the infosys office without Ny fixed.reporting time.Its written.that U have to.make urself available between 9am to 5:30 pm

  266. Earlier infosys used to have HR interview only. But last year it started taking Technical interviews instead of HR interviews. So it might be case that you have cleared HR interview and moving forward you have to clear Technical interview as well.

  267. Hello sir,
    I am Pratik, I have cleared all the rounds of infosys also my interview was good.It was conducted on 12 jan,2015. But again I hav been called for the next round ” Technical Assessment”.Can you please give the details of the round..

  268. Not exactly but you can not wear fancy or flashy sandals/slippers on working days in GEC. Its better to keep extra pair of shoes if there is any changes done in norms.

  269. Thank you so much for your quick response!!!…I have another doubt, in my offer letter it is mentioned that slippers/ sandals are not permitted on working days ….. then are we supposed to wear only shoes?

  270. Hello Sir,I’m ramya, pls tell me whether the stipend offered for B.E and M.E graduates the same during the internship?

  271. You must be joining as Intern. During internship your stipend will be 4K as as you will be given training on different aspects. Infy will teach you plus give you stipend. You will not be working on any client’s project. For regular trainees, stipend is around 13K. But they have to submit NSR/ Medical certificate/ Service Agreement. You do not need to. Plus after internship you may leave the company, penality is less. Once you complete your internship, you will be given salary as your mentioned package.

  272. Hey..!
    I am a fresher from JIIT….i’ll joining infosys mysore on 16th feb….in my offer letter it is mentioned that i’ll b getting only 4k as stipend even though i have been offeres 3.25 lacs per annum aftr that….y is it just 4k during the training….can u elaborate on dis??

  273. Hey Admin great job man!

    Could you please tell how much do we get in hand if we joining as a fresher in training period.
    My package is 3.25.

  274. Passport is not mandatory but you must have NSR number. Or atleast if you don’t have NSR number, you must have TIN number when you join. You need to update this info in the system after few days you join.

  275. It will not be as tough if you have good computer subjects knowledge and if you practice regularly and do your assignments daily. Dummy projects will be given to you. Few of you might get existing projects just for learning purpose.

  276. Thanks for the info..I would like to know more about the training during internship?will it be tough
    And also about the projects given to us during internship??

  277. hi admin………….
    i got offer letter……..on the same day i got call……i was unable to take the call….what they will tell us on the call…….did i need to send any softcopy

  278. Yes, they ask for your preferences. They will ask you to give 3 preferences. Mostly people get their first preference. So think twice and fill preference that you want.

  279. Thank you …after trainong where we will be placed sir imean which city …Will they ask our choice of choosing city..

  280. Hi Brinda, It depends upon business requirement. Infosys Mysore campus is the safest place. You will experience it when you will go there. Yes, on Sat Sun you will have holiday so if you live nearby you can go home. No one will ask anything you do in holidays.

  281. hi……We got selected in campus drive in november when will be getting our offer letters????And when will be the training period???
    Is it safe and secure in Mysore campus for us????
    During training wil they send us home atleast once in a month?????

  282. Hi, It is fine if you have TIN number. You will be provided NSR number in your mail once it is generated. Also you will get sufficient time to update your TIN/NSR number into the system.

  283. Hi Srikanth, Are you joining as Intern or Trainee? As for trainees there are guidelines regarding medical certificate, NSR, service agreement etc. But for Interns there are no such guidelines.

  284. HI ADMIN
    i have date of joining by 1feb and i did not get any guidelines mail yet and is there any e joining process a week or before DOJ, please reply –

  285. Hi Uday, Internship is for 4 months and training lasts for 4-5 months. In internship modules/tests are less as compared to training. Stipend provided during internship is 4K whereas for training it is around 13K.

  286. hello admin,
    My doj is feb 16 in infosys.If we will reach one say before doj.Can we stay with our friends who are already start their training and have accomodation at Mysore campus.
    Plz guide me.

  287. No Food is not free. For games/Gym you will have to buy membership card. For bowling you will need to pay Rs50. There are two departmental store inside the campus where you can buy daily stuffs.

  288. sir,, is food free at food courts and all those facilities of bowling and other games.. are these free? and sir please mention the areas where we need to buy stuffs.

  289. Hi admin but it is no where mentioned in guidelines to provide our previous sems marksheets.

  290. Hi, It is mandatory that you should have all your mark sheets (i.e previous semester whose results has been declared). If you do not provide than you will be given few days to provide it. NSR is initiated by NASSCOM. NSR facilitates development of Fact Sheet of Credible, Permanent and Accessible information about each registered person. This information can be accessed and used by the industry and its clients with the authorization of such registered person. Steps to do NSR registration will be mentioned in your email itself. If you find anything difficult let me know.

  291. hello
    i have got the mail reg guidelines and there mentioned is u must bring
    all semester wise mark sheets and i think i have misplaced my 3rd year 2nd sem mark sheet
    now what shud i do
    is it ok if not provided, bcoz i have the consolidated memo of all semesters mark sheets and od
    pls help me with a suitable answer and guidelines
    i am of jntu hyderabad university

  292. Yah on the day of the drive they confirmed that I m selected. But is there any possibility of dropping selected students?? Did they drop any selected students in the past so far as you know??

  293. Sir , i just want to ask whether it is compulsory for girls to wear salwar suits? And whether sleeveless is allowed?

  294. If you got confirmation that you are selected then do not worry. Either you will get mail soon or if business requurements are less , you will be called as regular trainee after your BTech.

  295. No these are not mandatory. You need to have one ID proof to enter the campus. Though you can apply for it so that you will have it ready after your internship.

  296. I have received an invitation for internship program from infosys and my joining date is 19 jan..i don’t have passport and PAN card..i only have voter id,driving license and aadhar card..would these documents be sufficient ?
    Is passport and PAN card mandatory for interns at the time of entering inside the campus and at the time of joining also ?

  297. Hi admin…U are doing awesome job and thank u soo much for helping us by answering all those queries.
    I am from CSE dept and I got placed through campus drive on September 2014. 7 guys from our department got placed on that drive. Out of those 7 guys, 4 got offer letter for internship but other 3 guys (including me) didn’t receive. I am very much tensed if Infosys dropped me in the mid-way or I will be called for the final training after completing B. Tech. Please reply to my query.

  298. Hi, You do not need passport/PAN card at time of joining. Just carry one ID Proof of yours to show at the time of entering into campus. Though its better if you apply for Passport/PAN card before joining campus so that after training you will have these documents ready.
    2) For us, initially Saturday was working but afterwards we had holiday on every Saturday.

  299. Thanks Sir. But the students who are attending the internship will have training for short period rather than us who is not attending the upcoming intern ? is that true. or they will they have same time period!?

  300. Hi admin I just recieved the mail regarding documents required at the time of joining for Internship. I don’t have a passport or pan but I have aadhar card and my driving license.
    1.can I submit what I have at the time of joining?
    2.Is Saturday a working day?

  301. Hi, Training will be very descriptive and in detail. All tests will be only form given PPTs, you just need to practice that. But if you want to be on safer side, you can start practicing RDBMS,OOPS,SE as these are generic subjects that you will have to undergo at any cost.

  302. Hi admin
    im a CS student.. my frnds got call letter for internship.. but still i didnt get.. is there a chance to leave some students for intern pls help.. im recruited by campus

  303. Thanks a lot admin!! 🙂

    i would still like to discuss a few things, if possible could you please give ur mail id?

  304. It depends on the requirements. Mostly if you are recruited on campus or very few folks were recruited then you all will be taken up in same batch.

  305. Hi you will get mail regarding the documents that you need to carry. As you are intern, you need to carry Offer letter,all educational certificates/marksheets, ID proof to enter in campus,PAN card & Passport(if you have). You do not need to take medical certificate and Service Agreement 🙂

  306. Hi admin,,
    Will your team call all the recriuted CS and IT batch students for intern? (or)
    Whether they leave some by any basis?

  307. Hello!! my intern is on feb 16 and i jus need to know the required documents which are to submitted(things which are to b brought) on feb15 ie during the join date… (

  308. Hi I have received the offer letter for Internship but my name is repeated twice as a full name.( eg: yudhister Kumar reddy yudhister Kumar). Would that be a problem or can I change it later?

  309. I am from Non CS/IT background and placed in infosys oct 2014 and will be getting my call letter in around july2015.
    My question is if i want to work 6 months in company i.e from july to dec will i get experience certificate ???
    Plsss help..
    Thank you

  310. I’ve received a reply address for queries only, And I have not received any response from them for a couple of days.

    Is my current final year project a well enough valid reason?

  311. Hi you can extend your DOJ by giving valid reasons. Just drop an email to the email address provided to you to take extension.

  312. Hi, Though there will be many Intern batches going on simultaneously with 1-2 weeks gap, but if your friends are recruited along with you in campus then there should not be gap. If you were recruited in off campus drive with lots of student getting placed, then might be you will be joining in different batch later on.

  313. Hello admin! you are doing great job to share information.

    Is it possible using laptop in hostel? A website about the Infosys Mysore said yes! after reading your post now i am confused :/ can u plz ensure it?

    thank u in advance! 🙂

  314. Sir,
    im just completing my b.e degree. I’ve recieved the final sem cum training letter from Infosys, but i’m in between my final year project and couple of others and dont want to break it off, moreover my review is coming up this 29th.
    So is it okay to refuse the internship and come for the normal training period and take up my job?
    If so whom do i approach and how?

    Please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.


  315. Hi sir,, Through campus drive i got placed in Infosys. They told about the intern for CS and IT batch. I am from computer science background. My 2 friends received the intern offer letter. Their DOJ is Feb 16. Bt till now I’m not yet received any information. Plz tell me sir, what will I supposed to do?… And I have another one doubt sir. Whether the DOJ for intern is vary among students?

  316. I think if they had to provide you training in this January, they would have provide you offer letter till now. They would have some different plans for you, might be all the quota has already been filled in Mysore campus. There is option to extend the DOJ but no option to preponed the joining. They will provide you the internship along with all the folks who were recruited with you.

  317. Hi, You will be given dummy dummy projects based on their ideas. You will be getting only PPT reports to show it in your college. There are very few chances that you will be given war file of your project.

  318. hello
    sir my doj as intern is 19 jan. bt i have a small doubt. what kind of project are given to us is it dummy project or some kind of confidential project and if its confidential then how are we supposed to give our final sem project review to our collage ?

  319. sir ,
    are we allowed to carry out own internet data card to create our own wifi , as wifi is not provided?
    sir can i have ur mail id please…. i wanted have a personal conversation.

  320. Hi Jaye,

    Though you will easily get permission to attend reviews in college, but I am still skeptic that you will get permission to carry laptop. You need to contact your respective HR to seek permission for the same.

  321. Hi Tiya,
    Let us wait for couple of days. As most of the employees were on a long leave due to Christmas and New Year occasion. Now they have come back so we should wait for few more days.

  322. Thanks for your reply sir…

    Actually i have to do both college project (M.E project & put conference paper in it) and infosys internship. So i ll be in need of my laptop to complete my college project in evenings and weekend. I also need permission to attend 3 reviews in college regarding project progress(M.E college project). will i be granted permission?

  323. Sir,
    I got placed in infosys. But i have not received internship that you offer on the month of january. I heard that many people ( from above comments) could not take your internships for few reasons.
    I am interested in your internship program. Will there be any chance that i could get an internship offer?

  324. hello admin,
    thnxxx a lot for ur kind rply. bt i dropped mail about extension since dec 31. nd did not get any response still..what can i do further to get quick solution for extension?

  325. Yes you can take extension. With offer letter you will be given with different email where you can contact if you want to extend your date of joining. Just drop an email.

  326. Yes with offer letter you will be given with different email where you can contact if you want to extend your date of joining. Just drop an email.

  327. hi sir,
    i am final year student and i got placed in infosys through campus recruitment drive… i have been offered a internship in infosys for the final sem … internship commensing date is 19 jan…. sir due to some unavoidable situation i wanna refuse this offer… will my job still remain safe and will i get a call letter for regular training period session…..?

  328. hello admin,
    Firstly,its really wonder ful to resolve ur queries. I got doj jan19 @Mysore infosys gtc.but due to sm urgnt work.I cant join.if i will be allowed to join on jan 27..

  329. Hi admin,
    I want a single room. But you mentioned that girls get shared room. So is there any procedure by which we can get the single room for sure?

  330. Thanks Jaye,
    1) Yes.
    2) Yes you will get laundry service. You will need to pay Rs 50 per cycle of 8 Kg
    3) No you can not bring your laptop here. Though you can take permission to take war file of project to show demo that you have created or simple PPTs to show in your college.
    4) No you will not be provided with wifi access.

  331. Hello admin,
    you are doing a good task helping out freshers. hats off to you. i have been called for a 4 month internship starting on jan 19. i’m a M.E candidate( pursuing final sem). i have several doubts as follows
    1)will the training be same as that offered to B.E?
    2)will we get laundry service?(paid or free)
    3)can we bring our laptop as we have to do our final yr project for colg
    4)is wifi access allowed in rooms? are shld we bring our own data cards?

    Thanks in advance…

  332. Yes, they have centers in Gurgaon (BPO), Jaipur, Chandigarh. Though they asked us not to fill preference in North as there are less business requirements. But whosoever filled those, they get jobs in these locations.

  333. Hello admin… i have been offered internship in infosys from Jan 19… I have some queries …. can i have a personal conversation with you if u please….

  334. Thanx a lot man..
    and do you have idea about whether they have prefernce option in north region (delhi-ncr).??

  335. Hi Ankit, During your training period, Infosys will ask you to give your 3 preferences on the location you want to get transferred in Infosys. Though it depends on Business requirements, but mostly folks get their 1st preference that they had filled in.

  336. Hello admin!!
    Can you please tell me the procedure how infosys give job location after training period gets there any criteria they consider for this or they randomly gives any region.??

  337. Initially we also had Saturday as a working day. But as your son will get into stream modules,Saturday will be off for them.

  338. Food coupons are for specific vendors only. For different vendors you will have to get different food coupons booklet. Each booklet will cost you around Rs. 300. Booklet will just save you from waiting in a queue to get coupons. Nothing else. And there are many south Indian vendors and cost will depend on what you chose to have.

  339. But actually for these interns Saturday also a working day as per the training agreement we received from Infosys.

  340. Hi Admin !!
    Can you please tell me that whether we should take monthly food cards (coupons) or daily pay basis and please tell me how much cost it would be for south Indian food approx.

  341. Hii admin you are doing great job to share information.

    As I am going to join internship on 19 Jan .I have an urgent work on Feb 1st week.So whether they will give leave to me.

  342. As per my time, it was only on Saturday. I am not sure if they have changed any norms. I will let you know confirmed days.

  343. Thank you for the response 🙂 You said we can see on Saturdays. We can also go on Sundays, right?

  344. Thanks Anil,

    As you know Parents will not be getting accommodation, parents are allowed to sit in the Fiesta (a food court on the entry of Campus Gate 2) only. Though if you want to see the campus/hostel rooms later on, then you can see it on Saturday as visitors (no stay) or can stay at Infosys campus guest house. Your son will need to submit a request to the system in order to take approval for your stay.

  345. Hello Admin !!
    You are doing a great job for your junior Infiscions. My son was offered with an internship on Jan19th so i want to accompany with him to join. I have a doubt that will parents are allowed into hostel room of our son for visiting? ( I know that no accommodation will be provided for parents). If not up to where we will be allowed in the campus?
    Thank you!!

  346. See Kunal, reporting time is a day before your DOJ. Though they give you certain time slot for check in. But it is fine if you check in at any time on reporting day. As 27th is your DOJ, you can report at any time on 26th.

  347. I got offer as systems engineer trainee and DOJ is 27th jan . 26 jan 2015 must be hoilday and 24,25 jan asre sat-sun . i still haven’t received accommodation details and reporting time . since i have make reservation can you predict my reporting time ?

  348. Hi as you will be completing your M.Tech in march 2015, so you will be getting offer letter 1-2 months prior joining.
    You will be taught everything from basic. If you are keen learner you will easily learn all technologies and clear all the modules.But though to be on safer side, I would suggest you to do some homework on OOPS, RDBMS, SE as these are generic subjects you will need to undergo at any cost. We can not predict stream as it will be given on random basis. So just get some hands on generic subjects only.

  349. 1) Interns join in their 8th Semester as per their training program in their college. Usually Trainees join after completing their graduation. Their module differs and also duration of training differs.
    2) Sorry Ahamed, I do not know if there is any mosque near campus. You can search on internet regarding this.

  350. hello admin
    i am a student got placed in infosys on sep 23 .my course will be completed in march2015,but still now i didn’t get any offer letter.what can be my expected doj.

    i am from electronics background,plz let me know should i go for any courses in between so that i don’t face any problem in future..thanks in advance.

  351. Hello Abhigya !
    can i know when is your joining date and when did you got your offer letter ?
    as I also have to go there but no dates or letters are out yet….

  352. hello admin,
    1. i have one doubt…what is the difference between joining in infosys as a trainee and joining infosys as an intern?
    2. is there any mosque nearby the mysore infosys training center?

  353. No medical tests are not mandatory for interns. Once you complete your internship and re join as employee then you will need to submit it.

  354. Hi!
    I am joining as an intern and got my internship cum training offer letter. There is no mention about any mediacal test. Is it mandatory even for the internship trainees?

  355. Hi Toshit, you must have got/ will get email regarding medical test. If you want me to share the medical test guidelines that I got while joining as trainee this year, then I can share 🙂

  356. Can you please tell me about the medical tests that has to be done before joining as a trainee ?

  357. Hi Ahamed,

    1) As per now, for regular trainees stipend is 13k and for Interns it is 4K. Either you will be joining as Intern or joining as Fast Trainee (A training program that lasts for 3 months).
    2) You will have almost 1-2 hours lunch break, you can go Mosque. Else you can go after lunch (as after lunch no training session will be there, you will be asked to practice what you have done in morning session)
    3) Yes you can contact Batch Owner/HR they will surely allow you to go

  358. hello admin,
    i’m ahamed.
    i have got mail from infosys to join as a trainee from feb16 2015 onwards…
    1.they have mentioned my stipend 4000…but inyour website you have mentioed 13k…kindly give me details about food costs,accomodation…etc.,
    2.being a muslim,am i allowed for my friday prayers at mosque during the training program as it is compulsory for us to do..?
    3.can i be allowed to attend my brother’s marriage during the traaining program?will they give permission?

  359. Hi Imtiaz, You are joining as Intern or trainee? If you are joining as Trainee then you need to submit medical certificate also. Accommodation is free.

  360. hello admin
    i have been selected in infosys and my doj in on 27th jan
    and i hve not received any further calls from infosys and even any further details but only my offer of employment, service agreement and code of conduct
    and nothing about of accommodation cum further related things
    could you please help me with further details which u think important for a fresher and which u think i must know
    hope u reply me with adequate response

  361. Hi, I have sent you the hospital list and tests to be done prior joining. Check your email and let me know if u have any further doubts.

  362. Hi sir,
    My DOJ is 27th of jan as System Engg Trainee , i didn’t get accomondation mail & list of hospitals n tests yet . will u plz tell me the details..

  363. Thanks Anurag 🙂 You might be on the edge of Infy qualification criteria so they may have asked you to submit your docs. If you have filled all information correctly , you will not be rejected. At our time, one of my friend also got mail to submit docs. You will get offer letter 1-2 months prior joining.

  364. Hey Admin,
    Kudos are doing a great job budd. I juss have a query abt my offer letter. I have doc issue,they sent me a mail to submit scanned copies of my 12th and i did so and got ack. I juss want to know that how much time will it take to send offer letter and is there any possibility of rejection at this time?


  365. Thanks Akshaya 🙂 You will be either in .NET or J2EE stream. You need to clear all the modules of stream allocated to you. Yes, Infy will provide you training for all modules after that you will have your test. If you want to study prior joining you can brush up your skills.

  366. Hello!! Tis s Akshaya..Admin hats of 2 u… tats a gr8 job ur doing t 4 us. m offered wit internship. Tis discussion tells tat v r supposed to get clear with .Net. Is prior learning of .Net is necessary or will they teach at infy campus??

  367. Don’t worry Jotsna. This is a holiday week. Mostly employees are on leave.It may be delayed due to this. Let everyone get to his work. Hope for best 😀

  368. Hi Amrita,

    1) Training would be of 5-6 months.
    2) Accommodation will be provided for entire training program.
    3) Yes, in case you have not cleared the test/modules you can be terminated. Though you will have retest options to pass the tests. But If you fail to do so in retests then you will be terminated.

  369. hello admin,
    I am a graduate and have been selected for the post of operation/testing executive through a recent infosys drive which took place two days ago(on 23rd of december,2014)…!! queries i would like to put forward are-
    1)what will be my expected month of joining.
    2)as stated by the HR,,we’ll undergo a training at mysore for 11weeks but for how long will the accomodation be provided ????
    3)is there any scope of termination after training based on performance?if so under which conditions?

  370. hey !
    you were recruited oncampus or off campus and your joining this january was as trainee or intern ??
    moreover whats the status now ? are you all going ??

  371. Hi any of your friends got selection mail? It might be scenario that they have send the mail to rejected folks. Shortlisted students will be getting mail along with offer letter and other guidelines regarding training session as training session has not been yet decided.

  372. hi sir
    some people got rejection ka mail on 15-17th dec..its 11th day now bt muze rejection ka mail bhi nai aya and selection ka bhi mail nai worried 🙁

  373. Hi,
    You will have a great experience here. Study material and facilities provided here will help you to learn all the technologies, though you are from non CS background. You will be either in .NET or/ JAVA stream which will be divided into modules. All schedule of modules including tests will be intimated to you once you join.
    But still you can study generic subjects if you want as your Stream will be decided when you will join. I would suggest you to study RDBMS before joining as most of the people fail in this subject and get RE. You can also study Software Engineering (SE).
    Gud Luck 🙂

  374. Hi Jotsna ,
    Usually it takes time to declare the result. As you mentioned they told the result will be declared in 10-12 days. Its only 10 days past. Also it is a christmas season. Most of the people are on leaves. So that might be reason for dealyed results.

  375. hi admin
    my hr+tech interview was on 14th dec 2014.they told us that result will be declr after 10-12 days…still i hvnt got any mail from infosys 🙁
    when they will declare the result?

  376. Hey admin, what languages do you think one should explore before entering training. Please bear in mind that I’m a non CS background student. What things can I try to learn and familiarise with before joining to make the modules easier? Any other helpful advice regarding this?

  377. Hello Admin !
    You are seriously doing a great job ! I have recently been recruited by Infosys and half of my doubts have been cleared by just reading all the queries.
    Am from CS background and have been called for internship from jan/feb for 4 months. If you have any hint then can you please tell what can be the exact dates for the program as our training and placement cell is not having any dates and Infosys people are not replying to the emails.
    So by experience if you have any idea of approximate dates and when will Infosys notify us then please let me know.


  378. If you are joining as trainee then you are supposed to submit medical certificate. But If you are joining as Intern, then there is no need for this.

  379. Hi
    All are telling about some medical test
    i Have got slctd fr systm eng trainee n my doj is 12 jan 2015
    What medical tests mean
    For what it is to be done and please explore it

  380. hi admin, i received my offer letter :). As i have seen people speaking about medical certificates in comment’s, i didn’t receive any mail till now to submit those certificates. So, my doubt is,
    Is it compulsory, if so can u provide me the details for it or will i get a mail for that.

  381. Hi Sir,
    I got placed in Infosys as a Fresher.I just want to about the Bond duration and the amount required to break the bond inbetween.

  382. Thanks Vijay,
    1) No u can’t choose networking domain.
    2) You will have to wear formals 4 days in a week. So you can carry 6-7 set of formals for ur convenience.
    3) No need for clean shave, you can grow beard 🙂

  383. hey admin thanks for such great fruit-full details
    i am from ece background, and as per words of people and above discussion i cam to know that only java and .net base is provided to non it students.
    so i need to ask that
    1) is there any possibility of getting networking domain for non cs-it candidates?
    2) do i need to prepare 6- 7 set of formals for training ?
    3) one silly and last question is clean shave required or cn we have brds…???

  384. Yes, you can show your ceetificates whatever you have as of now. Then take an extension from your HR. You need to submit all ur certificates before posting to your location.

  385. Yes certificates are mandatory for verification. You will have to show original certificates during verification procees. But they will keep the photostats of ceetificates and original certificates will be given back to you on your induction itself.

  386. Can we grow beards or long nails in hands during infosys training because these kind of things were not allowed in college ?

  387. Hi Sir,
    I got placed in Infosys as a Fresher.I just want to about the Bond duration and the amount required to break the bond inbetween.

  388. hi admin, I have a small doubt. I joined in as a part time I submitted my certificates in that clg. recently i got offer letter from infosys as a system engineer. My D.O.J is 12-01-2015. Is there certificates mandatory for verification,???? When wil they return my original crtifucates??? please reply am in confusion

  389. hai sir,
    whenever my certificates were stucked in university due to the verification regarding my….Is there any chance to produce the certificates in mysore after my joining instead of at the time of joining…

  390. Hi, I have sent you the hospital list. Remaining 5K is for accommodation only. Yes you will need to pay extra for your food from your 13K.

  391. hello eveyone, m richa doing mtech from pup. I want to ask that is there any mtech student who got mail of jan winter training. nd if yes then will u frwrd it to me.. thanku..

  392. hai sir..
    service greement is total of 6 pages..for printing on 200 rs bond,i need to take total six 200 rs bonds? Or total matter may be printed on sufficient no.of bond papers like 2 or 3?

  393. hello sir
    thank u for giving the reply……..
    I need the list of hospitals in which i have to take the medical certificate…..
    Will you please provide the details..and one more offer letter during the training they will pay 22k, excluding all cuttings they give 18k….
    I thought that 13k in hand means,remaining 5k for acoomidation,food and other facilities..but according to your words excluding food they pay 13k,in that 13k again i have to pay for food right?

  394. hi admin,
    i have received a mail from infosys and got the offer letter but the offer of employment pdf is showing an error while i m opening it and i have checked my date of joining through my account it is showing 12jan2015.can u please tell me what do do????

  395. i came across many post in which its mentioned that ppt are enough to study but if we are not supposed to bring out laptop when how we are supposed to study from those ppt

  396. thanks for d reply. Actully we are from punjab and we got mail of tech issue bt whn we cnfrm it frm our plcment cell then they said infy has no accomodatn so u wl b cl in june nd if u want to withdraw ur concent then u can because It is also possible that they will provide u training at chd..

  397. Chandigarh ??? Infosys don’t have any training Center at Chandigarh as such. Infy has a small DC there. I think you need to re-confirm and get more clarification on this.

  398. hey, m also dong mtch bt i didnt gt my joining date bcz we cm to knw that they r nt provdng traing fr mtch in jan.. May i knw frm where u r? Nd frm whr u r dng mtch? I wl b thnkful

  399. Greeting admin,
    I m facing a problem as i was recruited in sept and we have to go in jan nd even we have send concent. but now they are saying they have some tech. issues nd may be call us in june nd even training will be provided at chandigarh. Is this possible that we get training at chandigarh???

  400. Hi,
    1) Check-in timing will be intimated in email itself . It will not be in offer letter. Just cross check your email again. However, if your doj is 5 Jan, you need to report there on 4 Jan. Timing is not an issue, you can check in at any time. These are just for your convenience.
    2) If you are joining as Trainee, you need to have medical certificate prior joining. Hospital list should have been provided by the company, If still you did not get it and want it now, i will provide you.
    3) Not mandatory, but your photograph should be properly visible and identifiable.
    4) You will get 13K in hand . You need to pay for food from your own. Company provides only accommodation.

  401. Hi admin
    ur doing a great job :-D. I hav received my offer and 3 pdf’s were attached to tat mail 1.offer of employment, 2.Instructions, 3.Service agreement. But i am not able to view the offer of employment pdf. I don’t knw y that happens. I have even mailed to the mail id mentioned in the mail. They said they’ll resend soon. I am worried about that. Can u advice me for this problem.

  402. hi admin,
    i got selected for infosys as the system engineer trainee and my doj on 5th jan 2015 i hav few doubts my offer letter i did n’t get any check in timings,on 4th jan when i have to come?
    2.they did n’t mention about any medical certificate issue,if is it compulsory?then in which hospitals i hav to take the certificate?or in training they will condut medical tests and provide medical certificate? there compulsory need to have white background in passport photograph 4.excluding food ,i got the salary as 13k in my hand or i have to pay extra amount for food?

  403. Hi sir,
    My DOJ is 5th of jan as System Engg Trainee , i didn’t get accomondation mail & list of hospitals n tests yet . will u plz tell me the details..

  404. Yes for trainees it is mandatory to have medical certificate before joining. However Interns do not need to have medical certificate.

  405. Hi…my DOJ is 5th Jan,2015 as a System Engineer. But they didn’t mention about any details about medical tests.Is medical test before joining is necessary?

  406. Hi ,

    Was there any announcement/criteria in recruitment process that percentage should be =>65 ? I think Infy has such criteria. If yes, then you need to get in touch with your HR or POC for the time being to get it clarified.

  407. No you will be given dummy projects. There will be no seperate batch for only mtech students. BE (Btech) students and Mtech students will be in same batch ( That was same case with us). Peoject group will be of max 4 students where Btech and Mtech students can be on same project.

  408. Hi admin,
    I m an CSIT studentand m recently placed in infy.Got a mail about infosys winter internship program for final sem students.My question is that will infosys provide projects to us and if yes howmany people in a group and does stipend vary from to guys during internship? Do reply

  409. I applied to spark it training program…i got the offer letter..but the problem is while applying I hav 65% before 7th sem. After I got certificates only I came to know that my percentage is 62.7%..if there any chance for termination!.

  410. hi

    i’m selected for infosys spark it program 2014 & my doj is jan 5th. i’m worried whether infosys provide job at end of training even after passing all the assignments during training. plzz help me

  411. You can go home but only in weekends. During weekdays you will have to mark your attendance so you may not be able to go home. Still if you have some serious reasons, you can go home after informing your Batch Owner and HR.

  412. Hello admin . I stay around 500kms frm the Mysore Infosys campus. During training will I get time to come home in the middle or their will be lot of assignments and exams??/

  413. No, there will not be any issue at all. With offer letter, you will be provided with certain emails that you can contact if you have any queries which include information update email contact. So you can change the information. Still if you don’t get any such mail.. I will provide you 🙂

  414. Test will be as per modules that you will undergo. These are pre defined steps, you can not choose anything. Yes, after posting, many engineers will be on bench until they map to any project.

  415. There are food coupons available but you will have to purchase that coupon booklet. (It is just for your convenience that you will not need to stand in queue for long time in food courts)

  416. How test are conducted during training and they will give the subject for selecting or we have priority to choose ?and after training some engineers are unbenched….

  417. I have got 78.5% in 10th standard but during online application form submission(campus placement for freshers) i have mistakenly entered 77.5%.
    The form later submitted to person who took my interview.

    I cleared my interview and yet to receive call letter. If i receive a call letter is there will be any problem during the time of joinning or during Induction Program.

  418. During Winter Internship Program, infy vl be paying stipend of 4k nd free accommodation.. what else we vl get.? Free food coupons? or Mobile Bill.? or free local taxi travelling.? etc.?
    or all this we have to spend from stipend of 4k that v are getting.?

  419. Its totally fine if you don’t have passport now at time of joining training program. But I would suggest you to apply for it before joining Mysore so that before postings you have your passport.

  420. Hi I dont have a passport will it be a issue ,thouh i have PAN and voter ID…. plz sugest accoerdingly.

  421. After submitting final project at Infosys you will be getting internship certificate from Infosys. No matter if you join Infosys in future or not. Though there must be some amount mentioned if you leave company, but I dont think Infosys will demand that. ( Two of my friends leave company and they did not give single penny 🙂 )

  422. In this case, is there any service bond applicable? If I leave Infosys say after six month from the date of employment i.e. after successful completion of my internship, what will be the amount I have to pay to Infosys for getting my relieving and experience certificate? Thanks

  423. Before Training we are supposed to submit the Service Agreement that we will be working with the Company after successful completion of training. But before Internship, you don’t need to submit such Agreement and you can leave the company after competing your internship. Plus you are doing internship as per college training program. You are not graduate yet and not wasting time on training after completing your graduation. But trainees have completed their graduation and now they will need 6 more months to be an employee and you will be an employee after your internship just after completing your graduation. Hope this might have cleared your doubt.

  424. Sir,
    Why the package for interns and training varies too much(4k vs 15k) as We are provided with same accomadation for both training and interns.Any valid Reason???

  425. Thanks!
    Also would we be going through the regular training as well after this winter intern is over?

  426. Group will be of max 4 people and will be random. Project will also be given by Infy and can be any topic regardless of what u hv learnt.

  427. Hello admin..can you kindly tell me what kind of projects will they give during internship or training??. How many members will be there in one group. And can we make our own group??

  428. The joining date solely depends on the requirements. or whenever there will be release of previous batches. Then new batches will be started to accomodate. And The project will be distributed randomly. A few people gete live projects.

  429. I have undergone for the medical test recently. In that I got HBsAg test is positive. But doctor told me that wouldn’t be a problem for u u r he gave the fitness certificate for me that I am fit to join in Infosys. But he mentioned in my certificate that I have HBsAg positive. Is there any problem while joining?? Now am completely active and good.I don’t know how that came to me.pls reply.

  430. Also I received the mail yesterday only. What according to you would possibly be the date of joining?

  431. Hi
    I just got mail from placement department of my University that Infosys has offered Winter Training Program to all those selected in the recruitment drive. Could you please tell more about this training apart from the fact that it has 6 weeks of training and 10 weeks of project?
    I want to know how our training will be different from the rest and what kind of projects are we expecting here? Live Industry Project?

    Thanks in advance!

  432. Training is for 4-6 months whereas Internship is for 4 months. Training will have comparatively more modules that u need to clear. During training, stipend will be 13k whereas in internship its 4k. For Training you will need to submit service agreement/medical certificate but for Internship you do not need to submit until you complete your internship successfully.

  433. Hello,
    I have been selected in infosys through referral drive and got 8th dec as joining date. but my problem is i’ve got married in june after my btech and now i cant let her live alone here in delhi as we both living separately from our families. then will infosys let me to be her in mysore or will it provide me guest house there so i will continue my training as well..?

  434. Admin ua dng a grt job!!!can u plz let noe the differnce btwn a training and internship at infosys?and wich1 is more easy of the above ??

  435. In retest passing ratio is 80-90% so dnt wry about it 🙂 If she will try a bit….she wll easily pass the retest 🙂

  436. Hi I have sent you the requested details on your mail. Do check and revert if still you have any doubts.

  437. Hi Admin ,
    i have a question for my sis,she has joined infy on 8th not cleared the first generic what will happen// i know about the restest,what is the succsess ratio there.
    plz reply

  438. Admin u took my query in the wrong way..i was telling if i fail in anyone engineering subjects in my college..den will i be allowed to join infosys after my internship??

  439. If you fail in any subjects , there will be re tests. You can pass the re tests they are comparatively easy. Still if you cant clear the retests also, then you will have to do training again there.

  440. Hello sir .. I hve a query..recently i got recruited into infosys..currently i am in 7th sem. I hve internship frm february..but if i fail in anyone of the subjects will i lose the job???or infosys will allow me to write supplementary xams??

  441. Hi Mohit,
    My DOJ is 8th of december as System Engg Trainee , i didn’t get accomondation mail & list of hospitals n tests yet . will u plz tell me the details..

  442. can infosys provide every student accommodation facilities or not .
    if any one not want to live in hostel there is an option for PG outside campus with there family.

  443. Depends on Business Requirement. We were called back after 10 days of Internship. So you will also need not to wait for a long period.

  444. Hi admin

    my joining date is 8th of December and my last semester of will start from january till May. In my last semester there will not be any classes in college because we have to do our dissertation(thesis). my question is that will i be allowed to use their infy labs for completing my dissertation or not

  445. Hello admin..if we complete our internship .will we get full time employed immediately ??or should we wait?

  446. hey admin …some people says there will be a test for cs/it guys on first day of joining? Is it true ? What kind of test ?

  447. It will be mention in ur offer letter. You are allowed to bring two wheeler. But m not sure whether four wheelers are allowed. Have a look at ur offer letter. If you need some other vehicle…contact with ur HR and seek permission.

  448. Sir, i have injured my leg 2yrs back..i cant walk properly.and i heard that dist frm hostel and classes are almost a km apart..i cant i am thinking of gettin by bike.can i roam around in bike inside campus or should i get a special permission ??

  449. I am selected for spark it. i want to know,that those who are selected by off-campus and for internship,does their offer letter also states that “job is not guranted after training period” ??? please reply its urgent

  450. Yeah depends on ur Batch Owner/ HR. If you have any invitation letter/ proof for that event, then infy will surely allow you.

  451. I am attending a Natonal Event in January organised in DELHI for 4 days. It was pre-planned event. Will INFOSYS permit me to attend it during my INTRENSHIP or TRAINING period ?????

  452. Hi.
    My date of joining is dec’8th. I was working somewhere however now I won’t get enough time to fulfil notice period. What should I do about showing relieving letter here at infosys. Does it work if I show only resignation acceptance letter??

  453. Sir i have got offer letter from “infosys it spark internship training program” after completion of the training infosys provides the placements for the trainees.

  454. I think they are the necessary fields that need to be there (Candidate ID can be cross checked, Date can also be checked as you are supposed to join on certain date). Though Infy give some time to submit your agreement even after joining. But I would suggest to re-print it to be on safer side. Else you will need to search in Mysore for preparing it.

    If you are getting some issues while preparing it, You can refer : Infosys Training Mysore – How to prepare Infosys Service Agreement

  455. Hi I have sent you the hospital lists and medical tests to be done. Do check and revert in case of any issue.

  456. thank u sir for your help.. really helpful…

    One thing I want to know is that in before how many days will I get the medical mail??

  457. Hello,

    I would request you to help me to get one clarification in the service agreement provided. I have made the agreement in the Bond paper (Rs 200/-) however after printing I saw that the below things got missed while taking print out.
    Serial No.
    Employee ID

    Can you please confirm that I need to prepare other agreement or will it be acceptable. As i was not having any other email ids to contact so sending you the mail.

    Please help.

  458. Sir, can we bunk during the internship or training for maybe 2days??and how many modules will be their during internship??

  459. Am joining as trainee oly… As system engineer trainee… Wat medical test do i have to take??? Can u explain pls…

  460. one more thing

    do we have to show our degree at the time of joining for the training or we have to show it post training at the time of allotment to the different business units??

  461. hie admin…My friend is selected for Spark training program and i got selected as a Systems Engineer Trainee. We both have same joining date 8th Dec. So can we take a sharing room or same hostel rooms. or there will be different accomodation for Spark trainees and recruited trainees? ..

  462. 1) Yes you can extend your date of joining…just contact your HR or the email provided to you for your queries.
    2) Training would be of 4-6 months.
    3) Yes you can take leave but with permission of your Batch Owner and HR.
    4) No Laptops are not allowed for anyone.

  463. Hi u will be in either off two streams J2EE/.NET. Yes there will be exam for every module. It is not much difficult if you are practicing regularly.

  464. hi admin..

    i have few queries related to the training in infosys

    1. i want to extend the date of joining as my date of joining is clashing with my exams date.
    2. may i know what will be the duration of training in infosys?
    3. i am in my final semester of my M.Tech and have to present my desertation in my college so is their any provision of taking a leave during training?
    4. are laptops allowed for people from CS background?

  465. Hello admin. Can you please tell me what are things they are gonna do and teach us during our internship.and will their be exams ? And is it difficult for a cs student

  466. I have listed all scenarios. Listen to what your heart says. Though training is for longer duration but that does not mean it will be easy. Training will have more modules and you will need to pass all of them.

  467. Hello wait for 1-2 days , if you dont get accommodation mail then contact with ur HR. and u r joining as intern or trainee? As for intern, medical tests are not required.

  468. My joining date is 1st december… They have sent a mail that they wil send a “accomodation mail ” two weeks before joining,mentioning the joining time too. But still i haven’t recieved any mail. pls help.

    Another one,I didnt get any information about medical test in offer letter.Do i have to take one pls reply soon…

  469. so what would you suggest me, i should go for internship or training ?

    and is training easier then internship(as it’s for longer duration) ?

  470. Hello.can you please let me know whether my friends from same college can be their 2gether during training??and can we take our personal vehicles like car or bike to campus?

  471. thnks sir. one more question sir.
    actually sir this internship is optional(only for cs and it ).i mean we need to give our willingness for this then only they will provide i wanted to know is it possible that they will give us both internship(jan2015-april2015) and then training(sept2015-march2016).

  472. Internship and Training are the two fundamental foundation programs conducted by Infosys. Internship will be of 4 months and training will be of 4-6 months. And Internship will have less subjects as compared to training. During internship stipend will be 4k whereas for training its 13k. And if Infy has decided to give you internship now not training, then you can not do anything for this unless you contact HR to delay your training but reason should be genuine. I have also done internship. If you join internship then you will be saving 4 months of your career. And can join the job as soon as you passout of your college. Ont he other hand if you go for training in Sep 2015 then you will have to arrange training at your own in any other company.

  473. Hello, I have sent u the list of hospitals and tests to be carried out on your mail. Do revert in case of any further concerns.

  474. bro i am in great dilemma plz help me. i got placed in infosys through campus recruitment.its expected that training will start near September 2015 but today i got a mail from my collage that infosys is providing internship to us from jan 2015 for 4 month.

    now my friends are saying that if i go for this internship then they will not provide me training which is supposed to happen on sept i want to know is it true that both are same thing or there is an either or chose for internship and training.

    plz suggest me i should go for internship or not.(if yes then will it effect my infy training )

  475. Hello sir,
    Also please help with the medical tests that are to be done and from where.??
    it would be a gr8 help.

  476. hello sir,
    i am selected for the 8 dec joining.
    I wanted to enquire whether I can carry a tablet or not??
    Plz help.?

  477. It would be helpful if i get that hospitals list too,i saw in above posts only that we get this list a week before our joining,my joining is 1st dec & as i am leaving my home town on 24th nov. only due to some reasons,plz provide me with that hospital list so that i can do it beforehand.Also is there anything more we would be receiving in mails few days before joining except the 3 attachment mails which included the offer letter?

  478. I also got offer letter from Cognizant,so while registering in NSR,I provided my future employer details as of cognizant.I got my IT pin,do i need to do something now?Or only my IT pin would matter ?

  479. Its mentioned in our offer letter that our gross salary would be 22,500 during training,But are saying it to be only 13k ?
    so much of deductions ?

  480. Yup. If you did not mention In your application form that you have passport, then if you come without acknowledgement then it is also totally fine.

  481. Hi, I have sent u the hospital list. Please check it and let me know if you have any further concerns.

  482. There are lots of hospitals , Infy must have provided you with the offer letter. In case if you have not got I will provide you.

  483. Hello Sir I want to ask you that I have applied for passport but don’t have received tat till new
    So is it necessary to have passport along with me?? With the documents…
    Or I can submit another document instead of it

  484. Passport is not required while joining. You will be given enough time for making your passport. Passport will be required only if you are getting onsite job which is rare for freshers. But I would suggest to apply it once you get corrections in your birth certificate. Its better to be on safer side and keep everything ready.

  485. Though you are from ME but if you will revise daily u ll score good in tests. Otherwise you will have more options of re-test to pass the test.

  486. The information provided here is very useful & want to thank you for this.
    i am a mechanical engineering student so want to ask you that if u fail to score good in tests , what will happen ?

  487. I have try to contact them threw mail but they didnt respond to those mail…now wat can i do for that issue????????

  488. thanks for clearing my doubts..

    I have one major problem.. my passport is not applied till date..

    because in my birth certificate name is mis-spelled.. so i have to get my name changed then oly apply for passport..

    i cant get my name changed before nov 31th(reporting date)… wat shall i do now??

    pls help

  489. Yes you will have to renew it every month or it will be deducted from your stipend automatically. Membership card would cost around Rs.300/month.

  490. The amount deducted will not include the xtra facilities right??

    If i have buy membership card how much wil it cost??

    Do i have to renue it every month??

  491. Hi,

    I am oblivious to this. But as far as Indian trainees are concern, they are recruited in placement drive so training is free for them. But m not sure about foreign trainees, might be this will be same scenario for them as well.

  492. Hi,

    Thanks again. It’s really great that we will get two days’ off per week.

    I want to know another thing. It may be confidential but if possible only then expect your answer. What’s about the normal scenario of Infosys training, is it paid or unpaid? What’s the scenario in case of foreign trainees?

  493. Hi,

    You will have a great experience here. Study material and facilities provided here will help you to learn all the technologies, though you are from non CS background. You will be either in .NET or/JAVA stream which will be divided into modules. All schedule of modules including tests will be intimated to you once you join.

  494. Hi,

    This mistake is at your end or the company misspelled it ? I would suggest you to get in touch with your HR/ or whomsoever you have got contact details to let them know before joining. And duration will be abut 4 months if you are joining as regular trainee.

  495. Hi,
    Hope you will get it soon and will get clarifications on our doubts.
    Saturday and Sunday will be off throughout training.

  496. Hi Admin,

    Thanks for your quick reply. We did not get any offer letter at this moment. But hope that we will get it in next week. Because this part is totally managed by the authority. Actually anything is not clear before next meeting with the authority.

    Can you tell me please how many days we will get as weekend day in our training period?

  497. Hi,
    I wanted to ask that I mistyped my DOB on the application form for the Infosys campus drive, I typed my DOB as 12-11-1993 instead of 13-11-1993.

    Also I do have a passport but I selected the no option for the passport.
    So will that be a problem? How can I correct that?

  498. Hi,

    i got selected in infosys off campus held at chennai as System Engineer trainee. I have received my offer letter my DOJ is 1st DEC’14. In that mail(offer letter) my name has misspelled as SILAMBARASAN MUTHUPANDI instead of SILAMBARASAN MURUGESAN. other details are intact only my last name(father name) wrong. So kindly please give me a solution that. Is there any issue with that????

    And another question, i m from IT background. So please tell me the duration of the training.

  499. Im selected as systems engineer and im from eee background. Im intrstd to know of how the training will be and what all modules will be there? and also what do dey train for a system enginner i mean subjct(programming)?

  500. Hi ,

    1) Yes, accommodation will be provided a day before your joining date. You will be allotted room on your check in day itself.
    2) Yes, they will be automatically deducted from your salary. Or you will have to buy a membership card for using these facilities.
    3) You will be getting 12-13k in hand every month.
    4) Though there are cycles, but trainees ratio is more as compared to cycles. So you have to be cautious about that.

    If you have further questions, do revert.

    Thanks !!!!!

  501. Hi Mohammad,

    Congrats, as you have been selected through the Government of Bangladesh, and currently you are working as Software Engineer. Did you get any documents/letter from the Infosys? Because for newly joined trainees, Infosys provides training in either of two streams JAVA/.NET at Mysore. But am not sure if you will be joining this program as Trainee or not. You are currently working as Software Engineer, so might be you will be either enrolling into these two streams/or any other programming practices.I would suggest you to go through the documents/joining letter offered by Infosys to have a better picture.

  502. Hai admin,
    I hav few doubts..

    1.I have to join mysore camp by dec 1th.but thery hav mentioned to come one day before..wil they alot my room that day itself??

    2. Wil I have to pay for gym,swimming pooletc. al the facilities offerd??

    3.They hav told that 18k wil the salry..Wat amount wil i get in hand every month? the campus is so big(heard from other comments)do i hav to walk al along,or wil they be enough cycles for al trainees??

    pls do reply to al questions …

  503. Hi Dear,

    I am Ibrahim (Ibu) From Bangladesh. I am selected in Infosys Training which will be started from 12th January, 2015 to 24th March, 2015. Actually we some trainee have got this opportunity through the Government of Bangladesh as IT skill development.

    I am also working as a Software Engineer at this moment. But I am not sure what type of training I will get here. And in which way, they will decide it that what training they will provide us. Can I choose a Specific Area such as Programming, Software Management, Documentation etc. or I will be trained through their Pre-defined general process.

    Best regards,
    Mohammad Ibrahim (Ibu)
    Software Engineer

  504. Fully formals on Monday(Tie is
    mandatory) & Tuesday(Tie is
    optional), Semi formals on Wednesday
    n Thursday , Casuals on Friday. Rest
    it will also be there in ur offer letter.

  505. I would suggest you to wait for some more time as joining is in Feb and you will have to pay for you. Company does not provide travel expenses for trainess.

  506. My training would be start on 16th Feb., 2015 as communicated by my college. I have not yet received any offer letter/communication from Infosys. Shoud I make my travel arrangement on the basis of date given by the college? Who will pay for travel expenses? Thanks

  507. U can check in with ur friend and make sure to be in same queue and in sequence. You both will get sharing room. On the other side, u can also request the person incharge for the same.

  508. sir i have got selected for infosys spark 3 months training thr any chance of employment oppurtunity after training or ill it usefull to get job in other companies…. And one more thing as infosys announced this spark training program but this is not an employment oppur…then y they r giving this free training by investing lot of money with 10,000 stipend

  509. Hi Rahul,

    How do u knw they made a confirmation call? Did they mention it in any following mail? Its d first case I hv read that Infy made a confirmation call after giving offer letter. To us, only offer letter was provided after selection.

  510. hi admin!!! i got the offer letter,after acceptng the letter,they made a confirmation call which i could not reciv due to sum unavoidable circumstances…..i also sent them a apology mail….r they going to call me again???

  511. Hello. I got selected for the Infosys Spark IT training and I am told to attend the Mysore campus on 5th January. Can you give me any idea about the prospects of this 3 month program for my future campusing drives for other companies? Also, is there any chance that Infosys might absorb me during or after the 3 months of the Spark program?

  512. Hello I have a problem with my medical certificate… I asld d hospital official t print it in the given format but by mistake they didn’t leave any space between my first name and last name…will that be a problem??

  513. Do u have training in ur 7th Sem or 8th Sem? If u hv training in 8th Sem..then might be u ll be enrolling into internship. And usually offer letter comes after 1-3 months after your selection.

  514. I got selected in campus interview on 9th October, 2014. By when we will get the offer letter. Right now, I am in 7th Samester. Will they offer me training after my b tech i.e. after May, 2015. Please reply.

  515. Sir U mentioned that stipend will b provided by them during the intern.. Will I want to give any fee 4 my intern?

  516. Hi Surya,
    1) Duration will be about 4 months for internship
    2) No u will have to stay at infy hostels only.
    3) Stipen will be about 4k.

  517. Hi sir,
    1. What about the intern (before training) duration for CS / IT students?
    2. Do I want to stay in mysore for intern or I can stay at my own place and do my things?
    3. During internship, Will they provide any salary?
    Plz rpl sir….

  518. Hi Parik,

    During your training u ll get 13k. One of my friend completed his training last month and his stipen was 12800. Once you complete your training you ll be getting 23k in hand.

  519. Hi i have just been selected for “Systems Engineer” post at Infosys. And the pay package is 3.25 lpa which makes around 27k/month.During pre placement presentation the HR told that 5% of the salary will be kept by them during training and including all taxes and stuff i think we should get atleast around 18-19 right?? but you are telling that we will get around 13K to 14K. Can you elaborate and explain a little bit. Because if i get only that much i can’t save anything after my food and other expenses.

    Please reply

  520. Dnt wry. u ll get offer letter. I was also recruited in Oct 1st week but got offer letter in January. So dnt wry enjy 🙂

  521. Thank u for ur rpl..I’m 2015 batch student.. i had the interview in last month(september).. i’m not yet received the offer letter.. bt i hav the doubt about my intern intimation.. so nly i asked the qn..

  522. Will there be any intimation for intern during my last semester or i have to contact the HR team?…..

  523. Hi u will be either in J2EE or .NET stream. It will be decided during induction. But there are generic subjects for both streams – OOPS, RDBMS, SE, ADA that you can brush up if u want.

  524. Hi Samridhi,
    The duration of training depends on the foundation programme you have been selected. For interns, it is 4 months. For trainees, duration is upto 6 months. Infy also provide fast trainings which ends up in 3 months. Moreover, It will be mentioned in offer letter provided to you.

  525. Hi admin, I got placed in infy.. I’m from computer science department.. which areas do i want to learn before enter into the training?..

  526. Hey. I’m joining infosys on 20th Oct. Can you please tell me what is the duration of training? Thank you so much 🙂 Also I would like to tell you it is amazing how you’re helping out freshers with so many problems.

  527. See Chetana, time slot is not an issue as your reporting day is same. If you will check in earlier or later with your friends, it will not make any difference. And if you check in alone then it can be scenerio that you will get accommodation in another hostel and your friends will get another hostel. As far as your stream is concern, it will be declared during your Induction. So make sure you stand in queue with your friends ( Before going to mysore just check your offer letter as well as your friends offer letter is printed properly and it can be scanned during induction else your offer letter will be scanned after all offer letters are scanned so you may lose pace with your friends) so that you can get employee id with your friends in sequential order. And stream is provided to bulk of trainees wrt to employee id. So there are maximum chances that you will be in same stream with your friends.

  528. Yes day is same 19th octbr…but we got different time slots..mine is 8 to 10 theirs 2 to 4…is there anything we can do to get same stream…

  529. Hello again…I wanted to know if there is any possibility to get same streams with our friends. We have different reporting times mentioned in our accomodtion mail…will it make a difference if we all report at d same time regardless of the mentioned time.??plz guide…

  530. I do not think leave will be provided to you if you will be requesting for govt exam. Though you can manipulate the reason. And make sure you are not going on leave during your module tests. And For trainees, I guess salary will be 13k-14k.

  531. I have applied for govt job if the exam is scheduled in 3 months of training then we can take permission and can we go to home place and write the much salary they will payin the training….

  532. The bond amout will be provided in offer letter or the instruction guidelines document provided to you.

  533. If after successful completion of training, posting is not
    at the desired location then can we leave infosys and if
    yes then will any amount to be paid by us (Bond
    Amount) ?

  534. I have got selected in infosys. DOJ is 13 october.
    how can I go to mysore training centre. Will company will take or I have to go myself for mysore

  535. There is no proper dress code for girls. They can wear what they want. But the dress should be decent. Avoid wearing short pants. It should be full length upto ankles. Rest everything is fine.

  536. You can get it inside the campus as well. But there is only one photostat shop so you will have to stand in queue for a long time. So its better to get it along with u when you come.

  537. Is it necessary to hv ol photostat copies with me…? Or we can get these photostated inside the campus…?

  538. i applied on 16 th august to infosys IT spark program …but i didnt get mail….my academics 85,85,73…..i got the application in the app cockpit… but the people who applied late and also academics less than me got confirmation there any chance of calling me?…

  539. hi ,
    can u tell me the date of applying to spark program and also ur UG,XII & X that i can assess whether i am selected or not.i had downloaded the application form from application cockpit.Is the application form is the indication for selecton.

  540. Hi Deepan ,

    Yes, it is possible but if you have valid reason. Contact with HR but if HR agree, then you may need to wait untill other batch get starts.

  541. prabhhot…….

    I am working in Noida right now……what is ur planning for Infosys…..please share it

  542. I have done my NSR, but for other company as it was asked in that also, but my preference was infy, so i was still waiting and now its time for INFY. so issue is that, whether i need to do my NSR another time or is it ok with that ITpin number. as in that i have not written infy as future company. Plz help.

  543. Then you will either need to learn it or go by foot. And its not lyk a big distance between GEC and hostels, at max it will be about 1-2 km apart.

  544. Hi Sameer,

    It is not required to have passport while joining as trainee. But after training, make sure if u hv passport. N u can ho outside even on weekdays as well ( But time restriction is applied). On weekends you can check out at any time but you have to check in before 9:30 or have a night out.

  545. Hi there..!!!
    Is it compulsory for one to have Passport while joining the training…
    wheather we will b allowed outside the campus on sundays or not??

  546. Hi sir,i had selected for infosys spark training my offer letter they given job is not garuntee,my only doubt is, if i performed wel in all tests,then i have a chance to get a job or only training program?

  547. Hi Suhasini. I too, have been selected for this program and would like to go over a few details about the program (Yup, I too have a million questions along with equal amounts excitement and anxiety :D). Do you mind emailing me at Thanks.

  548. Hi Suhasini,

    I have just completed my internship in june 2014. I was not asked for NSR. But when I joined as trainee then I was asked to give NSR. Since its been past two months only, probably it would be same for u as well.

  549. hi admin
    please tell me NSR registration is necessary for interns?but it didn’t mention in the offer letter…

  550. Yes it can be done in Mysore itself. Read instructions/guidelines document provided to u with offer letter.

  551. Spark IT is new foundation programme carried out by Infosys. Usually training varies from 6 month(for normal trainees) to 4 months(for interns). This programme may include concise subjects and modules , so as u r from ECE, if u want to have prior knowledge of CS/IT concepts then u can have. As if u will do good in training, u ll get employment. Rest to know more about Spark IT training visit efer this also :

  552. there is a same training for both employed and unemployed persons.if we perform tests better then there is any opportunity to get job in infosys.
    which certificates must take to the infosys spark batch for unemployed students?

  553. I have received infosys training letter for 3 months training but i am not guaranteed job after training. The day to report is 14th sep can u shed some light over how the training will be as i am from ECE stream.Do i need to know prior concepts of IT?

  554. does nt matter whenever u do…during notarization u have to go alone so den also u will need to sign before. Ya its ok if u will have original signature on photocopies. Yes nsr biometric part can also be done in mysore as well.

  555. hi admin
    as surety is coming with me .. will it be OK if he sign in agreement in Mysore
    and is in photocopy of agreement original signs are required ???
    and I had registered for nsr just biometric process is left can I complete that part in Mysore campus

  556. Hi sangeeta,
    In first paragraph, you have to mention ur age as first paragraph is for engineer. In 2nd paragraph you have to enter surety’s age. visit u ll get each n everything explained with snapshot.

    Revert me in case of any further queries.

  557. hi admin … one more queries
    in service agreement in first paragraph and second paragraph whose age has to be written
    and should I have to fill all the blanks while printing or with pen I can write
    and there is three sign place company ,executive and surety
    in company place signature is there means .. so in agreement hr will sign at that place while notarization

  558. Just prepare agreement on stamp paper; have your sign as engineer, guardian sign as surety and witness sign. Rest notarization part will be done on day of joining at mysore.

  559. hi admin … I have some queries regarding my service agreement
    do I have get notarized agreement from my place or will get it done in Mysore campus

  560. Hi RK,
    During joining, parents are allowed just inside the campus (in a food court near main gate). But during training, if u want to show campus to your parents den you have to apply in system to approve visitors whom you escort. For economic places, I am also oblivious. You must have provided with list of hotels , you can opt for one which is nominal. Breakfast is till 10 am and lunch is till 2 pm. You will have lunch break for more than 1 hour(depends on lecturer). General Timings are from 9 -6:30. But it may vary.

  561. Hi anu,
    Ya you can bring both offer letter just for be in safer side. You will be free in evening after 6 or 7. Then if u have dat energy than u can go for gym as well. During starting days u will be free around 5. But when you will have your tests den u may have to be in lab till 11 pm for preparation. So u hv to manage all these things. Ya there is store for clothing and one departmental store where you can buy stuff.

  562. hello admin i have my doj on 6th october.U have provided all the necessary information in d above written posts. thnks for dat. i want to ask some 2-3 things:-
    1. Are d parents allowed with us in the campus just for a visit?
    2. Suggest some good economic places near by campus for stay(as parents are not provided with accomodation in the campus)?
    3.what about the breakfast and lunch timings(duration of breaks)?
    4. what are the class timings every day?

  563. Hi admin,
    my date of joining is on 15th September, this is my extended doj. Should i bring both my offer letters i.e.,the first one i got and the revised offer letter?
    also, are the gyms in the campus convenient with trainers?
    is it possible to find time to hit the gym everyday?
    are there proper stores
    to get clothes and shoes in case of any necessity?

  564. It is generic profile. Every trainee joined as System Engineer. After training when you will be posted to ur location, only then u will come to know in which department you are.

  565. hello a

    I have one question here that I got selected as system engineer… that profile related to bpo field or a software developer field.
    plz reply

  566. I think u should go with your original name which is in documents/certis records so that you dnt hv any problm while documents verification process during induction. Check with HR once regarding d same.

  567. I have get selected off campus … yes I have provided candidate id … and I just mailed to them about the mistake …

  568. You were shortlisted from your campus drive or off campus drive. and during recruitment process u wouod have been provided a candidate id. In registration if candidate id is mapped to sangeeta, and in offer letter same unique candidate id is mapped to sangeetha,then it is mistake at their end. You need not to worry just drop an email or contact HR whom you have to report.

  569. hi admin … actually in my offer letter spelling of my name is written as sangeetha swain instead of Sangeeta swain … will it be OK .. if not what should big do

  570. Yes preferences will be considered and marks scored is also considered. You will have high chances of getting your preferences if you score good n high scores. But finally the decision is made out as per business requirements. If at certail location, business requirements are high n crucial then you will be posted at that location irrespective of your preferences and scores.

  571. What is the probability of getting posted of our first preference. Does marks scored at the time of training plays important role??

  572. Did nt u find anything regarding accomodation in instruction for trainees and or in offer letter ? 😮 Contact ur respective HR if u r nt still sure about accomodation.

  573. hi admin …. I have got offer of employment , instruction for trainee and service of agreement PDF file …

  574. Did nt you get any other document along with offer letter or check in FAQ’s. ? Rest accomodation is dere for all trainees so dnt wry much.

  575. Hey..I am of CS branch and gt placed in Infosys BPO as a systems engineer. I want to ask whether in a BPO this profile works same as that of limited and also whether my experience will be counted??

  576. hi admin … I didn’t any such accommodation letter attached with my offer letter …. that’s y am
    confused whether I will get accommodation or not … please reply soon

  577. No it is not mandatory to have passport at the time of training. But then u will need to have passport. So apply for passport whenever you get chance. As during training u will be at Mysore, u ll not get chance to apply for it. After training, based on business requirements, n preferences you will get allocation. if u want to be at North, fill it ( but Chandigarh is small DC, u ll not have as much explore).

  578. Hi, my doj is 8 september and my querry is that what if someone has no passport since, it was written mandatory in the offer letter and one more thing, what is the life after this training, where they relocate you because i am very concerned about the location being a north indian.

  579. Okay,thanks that’s great to know. My offer letter mentions a training period of 3 months but I’ve come across articles(on the internet of course, so can’t really vouch for their correctness:D) about New Infosys Mysore Training Format and Assessment which mention how all training has been reduced to 3 months, hence the doubts. 🙂

  580. Hi ,
    Infosys provides several training programme. Some are regular trainings and some are fast trainings. Usually training is for 6 months for normal trainees , 4-6 months for interns and several other programme. So check in ur offer letter, duration of ur training. So u will be undergo training in different stream or stream with less/change subjects if its less duration training. For other query, if u have got offer letter dat means ur training is confirmed. Bt still for safer side ask ur TPO or HR for the apllication status.

    Refer this also :

  581. Hi! I had applied for Infosys Spark IT program and have received the training offer letter. I have a few queries.
    1. Are we going to have the same training/facilities that the other trainees/employees (basically the ones with job guarantee) will have or will it be different?
    2. Even though I’ve got the training offer letter, my application status on their site still shows “In process”. Should I be worried?
    3. Is this a brand new program or has it been going on for sometime and was just renamed? Cuz I am unable to find any FAQs or any information about it and i have so many questions. :'(

    I tried calling them but nobody picked up nor did they respond to my mail.

    It would be awesomesauce if you could answer these questions as I’m going sick with worry. Thanks. 🙂

  582. Hi sangeeta,

    Yes Infy provides accomodation for trainees. But still refer your offer letter for same.

  583. hi m sangeeta.. recently I have got selected in Infosys as operation executive as trainee now.. I have to report to Infosys mysore on 8th September .. just want to know will I get accommodation over there

  584. Ahhhh North 😉 You will get easily bus from Bangalore to Mysore Bus stand. Then there are local buses directly for infosys. or if u r many people, book a personal vehicle for Infy directly. N u ll get 13k-14k in hand during training. Its upto you how much u spend on fooding n misc.

  585. Hello Admin,
    A query to u…
    My Joining date is 8 sept,2014 and we are supposed to reach the campus a day before,So could you please let me know the way to reach Infy Campus Mysore from Bangalore as I am coming from North India…
    One more question after making all the expenses such as accommodation, fooding, and other misc. expenses keeping in mind that one spend as economically as he could , how much could be saved from the salary of 17k??
    Its an important question because this is what we all are there for.. please reply .. thanks

  586. Try to have medical tests from the hospitals mentioned in list. Find a near by hospital or hospital in nearby city which is mentioned. No infy does not terminate, but you will have to undergo retests then.

  587. Is it ok if we do medical checkup from the hospitals which are not mentioned in the list??
    Does infosys terminate the candidate during the training period if the aggregate marks are not obtained ??

  588. No,you will have to pay penalty if you will leave job after training. Rest, penalty will be in ur offer letter or service agreement. You need to carry certis (original as well as photocopies), Medical certi, service agreement, NSR, passport sized photos n 1 stamp sized photograph. Plus it will also be mentioned in offer letter.

  589. Hi admin,
    Thanks for last answers…….
    I have one more question in my mind.
    can i leave the job after training and i do not want to give their money back to them.Is it possible?
    And what document should i have in my hand before joining Infosys?

  590. the pos office is not available in our city.moreover,i have completed the online registration i just have to visit a pos that pos office available inside the mysore campus?approx how much time duration the company will provide for ITpin submittion?

  591. Stream will be decided during induction. Company ask for certain certis n documents before joining. You must have/will have all these information in your offer letter.

  592. Hello!!
    I am from EEE stream, In which software techniques that i am going under training. And job is not guaranted for us. what is this NSR?? why medical certificate??

  593. No company does nt ask fr ITPIN immediately, but u have to give it in certain period of time. So try to have it with you when you will go Mysore. NSR registration hardly takes an hour. Plus u ll have to wait for your IT pin after your NSR registration is complete. It will be provided to you on your registered email-id after several days.

  594. Might be , bt company will communucate with you through your email-id( its official as well as reviewable). Make sure your email id is correct. If so, then ask your colleagues(who were in selection list) if anyone of them has got offer letter from company or not. If not then last option is ur TPC only. If TPC is not doing anything, get HR numbers whosover communicate with ur college or gave selection list and then directly communicate to them.

  595. and yeah, one more thing, My mobile number entered in database is wrong so, is it a big issue ??

  596. hmmm ok, though i had a word with my TPC, bt nothing special came out.
    Anyways thank you for your help and time 🙂 🙂

  597. Could we complete our nsr registration in the mysore campus itself.Will
    the company ask our ITPIN no. immediately after joining.

  598. So it was purely based on ur performance in graduation. You must have been provided with the HR or the person details whom you can contact in case of any concerns.? or else reach out to your TPC for querying the same.

  599. no, it was not through any selection process , we were only invited for training . selected student’s list was announced 2 days back. and we only know that our training will start from 15 sept and we need to report there by 14 sept for acomodation .bt i have not received any official letter.

  600. Hi Divya,

    When the selection list was announced ? Generally, the offer letter comes 1-2 months later after selection process is done.

  601. hi,
    our institution got tied up with infosys this year and infosys will provide us with the training. My name is there in the selection list but i have not received any official mail yet. m bit confused regarding the training.will i be getting any confirmation mail from infosys regarding our training???

  602. You will be granted job only after you complete your all modules and tests. As u r from non- CS background, Its always good to have prior knowledge when u start anything. But still if u dont, u will be given training from the basic fundamentals itself. Then you may need to be prepare from the very first day as u ll not be getting much time for preparation.

  603. hi
    I have received infy training letter for 3 months training but i am not guaranteed job after training n al. The day to report is 14th sep can u shed some light over how the training will be as i am from EEE stream.Do i need to know prior concepts of IT?..

  604. Hi Chetana,
    Prefer to be there on check in time
    range. But still if u reach late or early,
    there is no issue. You will be given
    accomodation based on ur entry ( if u
    want to have rooms with ur friends,
    check in with them).

  605. Hi,
    One more query. I am supposed to report on 19th as my DOJ is 20th Oct as told. I wanted to know if there is any kind of time bounded restrictions regarding the check in timings and all ? Do i need to be present there at the exact timings mentioned? What if I fail to do so? Kindly guide me so i can plan my movement accordingly. 🙂

  606. Fully formals on Monday(Tie is mandatory) & Tuesday(Tie is optional), Semi formals on Wednesday n Thursday , Casuals on Friday. Rest it will also be there in ur offer letter.

  607. No it will be randomly distributed depending on your Employee Id ( try to have your Employee id in series with ur friends :p ). Laptop is not allowed during training.

  608. thnks fr d help 🙂 , bt plz tel me whtr streams r distributed randomly or we cn choose it of our own choice ?? nd what abt laptop ?? I mean whtr we cn carry laptop wid us ??

  609. You will be in either of two streams: JAVA or .NET. Subjects will be based on these two streams. But there are some generic subjects that will be there for both streams including OOPs concepts , RDDMS, ADA, SE 🙂

  610. my doj is 20 oct 14 , m frm cs bckgrnd . Can u plz guide me abt d subjects dat wil b taught durng traing perid. i wil join as system engr trainee . Plz guide me.

  611. Ya sure do wtever u want to do on these days. Go to home or have a trip in Karnataka, no body will ask u any thing. But keep campus timings in mind for check in and check out.

  612. Sir as this year oct 2,3 both are holidays and falls on thursday and friday so we have 4 day,in that time can we go to our homes for 2-3 days and then return before monday??

  613. Infosys provide good Accomodation Facility to every Employee.
    It is good to see a person after attending the complete basic foundation training, i think you all of know about that.

  614. Airtel will be better than other networks. But it also strucks sometime at night. So u may experience such issue, even every network makes issue, but I would prefer airtel . Rest you can go there n have experience, then purchase. There is no such restrictions on usung Ipad/tablets in room as well as in campus.

  615. Hello…
    I would like to know since there will be no wifi available in my room at the campus, which mobile network should I use for internet facility that will have the best 3G/4G connectivity? Also is there any kind of restriction in using tablets/ipad inside the campus or in my room?

  616. Accomodation is provided only from a day before joining. But still if you have some emergency, you can contact with your HR to ask the same.

  617. My date of joining is 25 august. I have to report on 24th. I want to know if I can reach a day before I.e. 23. Will there be any problem.

  618. During training, you will be given option to fill location preferences. Though it will be considered, but posting will be purely based on business requirements. But mostly of us got their preferred locations. Plus there are very few requirements in North region( including Chandigarh, Jaipur, Gurgaon) so fill ur preferences accordingly.

  619. After completing training there may i have a chance that i will come to my region(North India) or i have to join in the mysore campus.
    Or may i get a chance to choose my own location after completing the training.

  620. There are certain time restrictions. You can not check out from the campus after 8 pm and you have to check in campus before 9:30 pm. If you check in after this , email will be sent to HR n u hv to give reason fr same. Though u can have night out and come back to campus next morning. There is no issue and no one will ask.

  621. Are the nightouts for girls allowed ?
    What is the night entry time on weekends for girls?
    Are there any restrictions for girls?

  622. Though u ll get sufficient knowledge during training, but it is always good to have prior knowledge as you ll undergo certain tests, so it will be easy for u to understand technologies. Moreover when a module will completed u ll hv to undergo test and u ll not be given enuf day for preparation.

  623. Hi,
    My date of joining is on 1st sept’14.I am a Mechanical engineering student.I would like to know if I should keep any type of prerequisite knowledges before joining the training. Or I ll get sufficient knowledge during the training itself.

  624. You have to report a day before your joining for getting ur accomodation n all (or at ur check in date) . I would suggest to get medical certificate from listed hospitals in ur hometown. Though infy gives one week to prepare ur medical certificate in their hospital(in case if u hv nt brought). But its better to have everything when u come.

  625. My DOJ is 27 oct 2014.Do i have to reach there on the same date or a day before. and what is NSR and where i have to register it. and one more question that the medical test will be in infosys campus or do i have to go for the test at my hometown.

  626. Contact to the person/HR whose details are given in email or in offer letter, he/she will consider it n will guide you.

  627. Hi, in the month of may I got joining date but my university postponed my exams so Infosys changed my date of joining. Few weeks before I received a revised offer letter stating that it’s my last extension. My doubt is that will they provide me another extension on medical grounds?

  628. Food is little bit unsatisfactory for the people who comes from other parts of country. But if dey have any complains regarding food, they can contact Manager of particular food court( Almost all vendors have mention their managers’ contact details, where u can complain, if any). Plus during survey or discussion portal u can raise these issue as well. It will surely be considered. And for delay, u can buy “Coupon Booklet” in advance worth Rs 300/- ( But this is vendor specific).

  629. The new join trainees,specially from W.Bengal are unable to get suitable food in the campus.It was advised them to check all the food court & find out suitable food.It is impossible for any one to walk 10 to 15 km a day for eating.Their is no inside transportation in the campus.Few Bicycle kept which is much less than the no. of trainee.I am a father of one trainee.It is my humble request to looked into this area.In the food court they have stand on queue for taking food & get delayed to reach classes on time.The accomodation of food corners are less & unable to supply food on time.Pl. look into this.If you permit the students from W.Bengal will met the authority & explain their problem.

  630. No u have to submit only photocopies of documents. Though u need to bring original documents as well for verification process.

  631. Are we supposed to provide all the ORIGINAL documents to the company on the day of joining?

  632. I have a serious query..If anyone wants to leave infosys after it possible?They give salary of 18k during training..I dnt mind to give those salaries back to them..

  633. Yes you have to submit medical certificate (not medical reports) in the first day of joining. And problem in what sense ? delay in reports or certi from non listed hospitals ?

  634. hi i heard that it is mandatory to submit medical reports before joining infosys. suppose if we hav some problem in medical reports do they accept it?

  635. Ya you have to submit medical
    certificate on 5th Aug ( at ur
    Induction). For NSR , you have to
    register online on its website and den
    go to NSR office in your city , they
    will scan ur ID proof and ur
    fingerprints and will charge their fees.
    After someday ur IT pin will be
    provided to u on ur e-mail id.

  636. About medical test details is it compulsory to show those at the time of joining…we have to join on 4th aug..
    And what is NSR?? What exactly we need to do about that??

  637. No, campus is not wifi. You will be given internet access for certain duration in your labs. There is AC in every room , but does not work :p

  638. Visit and download the already written service agreement(we all did same). You just need to change ur name, year, candidate id , and information about surety. Rest all is same. Just read information given on it. Follow it. Everything is explained with final screenshots. But if still you have any problem, feel free to ask 🙂

  639. I am very much confused about signing the agreement and about stamp duty and notary…Please can u tell something about that??

  640. The bedsheets,towels and blankets changes every week. In the evening you will be free, if you are not bookworm, you will definitely get time for gym. You do not need to sweep yourself, housekeeper does it daily.

  641. hello, my doj is aug 11. I am asked to come a day before…I have few doubts:
    1. does the bed sheets towels, blankets, etc provided are new or already used
    2. after so much of hectic schedule do we get time to go for gym daily
    3. what about sweeping the room. do we need to do it by ourselves
    4. what is the fee for gym per month

  642. You need to report on 4th itself or u ll soon get a n email regarding check in date and time. You need to carry ur offer letter along with id proof(pan card, passport etc) , passport sized photos and one stamp sized photograph( for ID card). On that day you will be given ID card and your room keys. Rest of d day u can explore the campus and buy needed stuffs.

  643. For joining we are just told the day so at what time we should reach and what should be done first after reaching the campus?? Means what procedure I need to follow??

  644. Hi Aishwarya,
    There will not b any entry test for u. Tests will be start after completion of module and so on for all modules. Whenever a module will be completed , you will have to go through its mock and actual test.

  645. Hii mohit;
    I’m clear with every process regarding the life at mysore yet need a small clarification,i guess u could help it out
    My doj is on aug 4th’14 for testing executive,im clear that we will have to go through two steams,but I heard that we will be having an entry test on the first day, is that what is happening???

  646. The company do not provide travelling allowances for trainees. You have to arrange it at ur own. You will be provided with all facilities at pay- buy basis. Company provides only accomodation.

  647. Hii..
    I have to join for training at mysore 4th aug…Is the travelling facilty made by the company or we have to do it??
    And what all things we will be provided with during training ie about food and all….?????

  648. So ur joining date is 4th Aug.. Did u get any email regarding ur check in date and time? You have to report on ur check in date for further formalities and room accomodation. And there is direct bus service from city bus stand to Infosys campus.

  649. Hi chetana,
    Though it might b little dificult, bt dont worry much. Infy has well planned schedule for non CS background trainees.You will be given training from the very basic fundamentals. Be a keen learner and Soon you will be good in programming and other technologies as well. Plus girls need to share their room with their roommate. Only boys have single room accomodation.

  650. i have just completed my Btech in Electronics and Communication. I don’t have good knowledge about programming an all. Is it going to be difficult for me during the training? My DOJ is Oct 20th 2014. Are they providing single room accommodation for girls. Please kindly guide me through this.

  651. You do not have to pay extra for aerobics and yoga , it is included in membership card.

  652. You have to pay Rs.50 per laundary (max upto 8 kg) . You will be given membership card which will avail these facilities.

  653. do we have to pay for our laundary, and for availing facilities of gymnasium and swimming pool ?

  654. There are many vendors from different parts of country. You have to satisfy with the food available here or you can go outside campus for having lunch or dinner.

  655. I have to know whether we have to to make any payment for accomodation there in mysore campus.

  656. You will be free on weekends so you can go outside the campus and explore nearby places in mysore or have night out and have trip. But though you are from non IT background, you may or may not need to go to labs and practice all the stuff on the weekends(labs are operational on all days). And though training is of 6 months , management will have a well defined schedule and you have to go through that schedule including covering all modules and clearing all the tests. When you will come here , you will be informed about schedule of each and every module in the your induction.

  657. I m a non IT student. My DOJ is sept 15th. I want to know whether we can enjoy the training by working on week days. And can we have some relief or a kindaa fun during the weekends. And also is 6 months training compulsory or will they permit us for 3 months if we perform well.

  658. ya u need to carry offer letter with signature wherever required Also check if barcode on printed offer letter is printed properly n working or not. Plus bring service agreement and medical certificate(if asked , we were asked) . Also bring the photocopies and desired original documents for verification. You will be given enough material for preparation throughout training. But if u want to prepare u can prepare required modules or can carry books along with you in campus. You might have received or will receive an email about check in date and time. You need to report to campus on expected date for further processing. and accommodation will be given to you from check in day.

  659. Hi..
    My joining date is 4th of Aug 2014..I have received a mail with 3 attachments…offer letter..instructions. .nd agreement details….do I have to get any more mails or just report with these..
    nd I’m from a non cs background nd I have got placed as a testing executive…do I have to prepare something before joining?
    Aug 4 s my joining..can I report on display previous day.?

  660. No you can access your PC in the provided lab only . And the internet access will be provided for the certain duration of the day depending on your need.

  661. The whether in Mysore is mostly good and pleasant. But the food may be a little bit unsatisfactory. Though there are different vendors from north as well. Apart from this , there are Dominoz , CCD etc in campus that can compensate. But you will/have to adapt yourself to all these 🙂

  662. I am really concerned about the weather (in general) and food available. What is the quality of food and I am from east India, so any tips on how to manage with south indian food ?

  663. Hi Akshay,
    That’s great. You are getting chance to b part of the Infosys Mysore. You will have a great experience here. Study material and facilities provided here will help you to learn all the technologies, though you are from non CS background. You are not allowed to carry laptops and pendrives etc (storage-portable devices) as you will be dealing with sensitive and crucial data.

    If you have further queries, feel free to ask 🙂

  664. Hi.
    My date of joining is 1st September. I am excited seeing all the facilities available but at the same time a bit nervous regarding training as I am not from a CS background. So I just wanted to take some advice on that matter from you. Also, I would like to know the reason of avoiding issues related to laptops.

  665. Hi Mohith,

    I have been working with Infosys BPO Bangalore form one year.I want to know how to apply throw infy intranet to visit Mysore campus with my parents and also is there any accommodation we can apply for staying with family for two days.Thanks in anticipation.

  666. I want to know that when the medical test have to be done my doj is 1st sept, and what all are the medical standards?

  667. It may not lead to termination. But it will create bad impression of u and HR can call u in office and will narrate the effects and will warn you for the first time. But almost every building or nearby has smoking zone u can smoke there and then come to your room or gec.

  668. Hi … Wanted 2 ask , i mean 1 fine day u do smthng stupid like smoked inside d room , of course ..m nt talkng bout creatng any fire hazard or anythng and then, u get caught ..HOW MUCH TROUBLE DO U GET URSELF INTO ? Is it jst … Bad .. Or realy bad … Or termination bad ?