Infosys Training Mysore – How to prepare Infosys Service Agreement

Infosys asks for a certain list of documents that you need to submit to the company while joining the training program. This document list consists of education certificates/documents, medical certificate, NSR registration, service agreement etc. The Infosys Service Agreement is the crucial document for which almost everyone has doubt about how to print it and sign it. I am writing this article to give a brief explanation about how to do it. You must follow following given steps in order to make service agreement an accurate and correct one. The first question which comes to our mind is how to print the Infosys service Agreement?

Solution :

STEP 1) Download the fully prepared Infosys service agreement. Click on download button to click it. This document is in a MS word document (.doc or .docx).

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Step 2) In instruction provided by Infosys,  service agreement needs to be made on stamp paper of Rs. 200, so it will be fine if you make two stamp papers of Rs.100 each. Because it will not be able to print whole service agreement page on one stamp paper. So you will have to break the 1st page of the Service Agreement into two parts as the stamps.Then print the 1st page in those stamp papers.

Step 3) Then the next four pages of the Service Agreement can be printed in normal A4 size papers or green-colored A6 size papers (legal sheets).

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Step 4) Now you are done with your printing of service agreement. But make sure you have left enough space for signatures of COMPANY, ENGINEER, and SURETY (and that is mandatory). So while dividing the 1st page into two parts in the stamp papers be sure to copy-paste the signatures

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Step 5) Somehow, if the signature of the company is not printed on the service agreement,  then the company would sign it on the date of joining at Mysore. But do not forget to leave spaces for it mentioning signatures.

Step 6) Now you are left with notarization of service agreement, for which you don’t have to take a headache. You can easily get it notarized on your date of joining. They will charge a fee of Rs 60/- for this.

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 Some key points to keep in mind:

Signature on all the pages from surety and trainee is mandatory, even though the contents are spilled to next page.(also given in instruction by company)2) Three Witness Signatures is required. Witness can be as follows
A) The first witness should be from HRD. Get it signed on your Date of Joining.

B) The second witness can be your Family member /Blood relative.  Ex: Father / Mother / Legal Guardian

C)The third witness has to necessarily be your friend or colleague.

Demo: By InfyLounge

infosys service agreement

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I hope this article will help you to make service agreement in an accurate and correct manner. If you still have any queries, feel free to ask. Also, share your views/feedbacks in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Anish,

    NSR is initiated by NASSCOM. NSR facilitates development of Fact Sheet of Credible, Permanent and Accessible information about each registered person. This information can be accessed and used by the industry and its clients with the authorization of such registered person. You can visit this link to know the procedure to get it.

  2. hello admin,
    my date of joining is 14 Dec 2015. I just want to ask you is there any test conduct company at a time of joining? and if yes How can we get grate score in that?

  3. Hi Rajat,

    It does not matter. Once you join Infosys, you have to update your address in system . There you can update correct address.

  4. hi admin.. my joining date is 6 september and now i found my home address is slightly wrong in the offer letter. what i will do now ?

  5. Hi Diljith, Sorry to hear that. No, you can take Surety signature at home only. Surety does not need to accompany you. And hope he will get well soon 🙂

  6. My father met with an accident so he can’t accompany me to Mysore Campus. Is it necessary to put the signature of surety at Mysore campus during joining?

  7. Hi Srikanth,

    Training is usually for 4-5 months if it is not Fast track training. Generally after training they will send you to posted location. But again it depends on business requirements. Yes working period is 5 days a week.

  8. How many days or weeks is the training period . If they clear the assessment in first PKT will they send as home early , will they have any weekend holidays.. ?? Please let me knw Admin..

  9. Hi Reshma,

    Do not worry before that you will be given training on that. You will get study material (slides).Test will come only from slides so if you are doing it properly you can easily crack. Though you will need to practice on coding. If you want to study you can study basic oops concepts in advance.

  10. Hiii admin, I heard that there will be a hand on test conducted on 10th day of training.but I’m not much good in coding.i know only basics of java (coding) ,then how can I crack it?can u suggest me any material?

  11. Hi NIthin,You are NOT allowed to carry laptop/hard disks/ pen drive etc to mysore campus. There is no internet facility in hostel rooms.

  12. Dear Sir ,
    I had asked you previously about whether or not we are allowed to take our own laptop/hard disks/pen drives to infosys mysore campus.. You had told “no” , so that no means i will not be allowed to carry my laptop /hard disks etc to my room where i live inside the mysore campus hostel? and Do we have Internet facility in out hostel rooms(wi-fi, LAN ) or we need buy dongles or put net pack in our mobile itself?

  13. Sir,while I am joining infosys surety wants to come or only the sign is enough in service agreement

  14. Not its not mandatory. You need to carry one of your ID card (preferably PAN Card) to enter into campus on your checking day. However if you have passport, you can carry it as you will need to update your passport and PAN card into Infosys system. Else you can update it after training also 😀

  15. Hi, Yes you can get job at Gurgaon also. You will be asekd to give 3 prefernces for your job location you can fill Gurgaon on top (Though you may get mail in advance as we got and our next batch got that there is no requirement in Chandigarh,Jaipur, Gurgaon..But whosoever filled chandigarh and Jaipur they got posting there.) But Gurgaon is BPO so think it before applying for Gurgaon.

  16. hello admin. I have a few queries related to the job location. Since i am from gurgaon and we have infosys there so is there a chance i can get job location as gurgaon after my training at mysore??

  17. Yes. You must have given a document called “Instruction for Trainees.doc”. There it is explicitly mentioned “The first witness should be from HRD. Get it signed on your Date of Joining.”. So do not worry 🙂

  18. Actually I want to know about the witness from HRD in infosys service agreement which officials can give that witness signature

  19. There are number of HR teams that conduct placement drives. It is hard to get to know about whom you are talking. You can get in touch with your TPO to get the HRD contact details who conducted placement drive in your campus/joint campus. TPO will definitely have this information.

  20. If it a co-trainee then it is better. Though it can be a friend back at home. No one will ask. But still if you have any co-trainee friend let him be the third witness.

  21. i am from Hyderabad
    and i want to know that the signatures of engineer and surety should be done in front of them(infosys people) at Mysore or
    i can complete it at home and submit there(infosys)

  22. Is it mandatory for interns who are joining infosys at 19 january to prepare service agreement ?

  23. Hi, i have notarized the service agreement in my hometown itself . Will it create any problem??

  24. You can download the pre-prepared Service Agreement that I have shared, just fill in your details and you are all set 🙂