Link Whisper Reviews (Get $30 Off – Black Friday 2023 Deal)

Internal Link Building is one of the underrated On Page SEO techniques. I recently came across a tool that claims to be a smart link builder tool. In this article, I will be sharing Link Whisper Reviews and will see if it is the best WordPress Internal Link Plugin.

Before going into detail about this internal link-building plugin, let’s recall the usage of internal links. Internal Link Building is a process of interlinking various posts and pages of your own website. When you link two or more relevant pages to each other, it establishes a hierarchy and a cluster of the topic, which is really helpful for ranking your pages on multiple keyword results. This activity not only helps users but also search engine crawlers to find relevant content. It also helps to index more of your content without any issues. It will also help to improve link juice and in decreasing bounce rate of your blog.

You may think that you can do internal linking manually and why we need to use any plugin or tool for this. You are right that we can do it manually too (even though it is very time-consuming also) but it becomes tedious when you have a lot of content on your blog. This is where Link Whisper comes to the rescue – to help you in efficient internal linking for your blog to harness its power in ranking your website and generating organic traffic.

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Let’s proceed to the article now.

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is an awesome WordPress Internal Linking plugin that allows you to add and manage internal links on your site based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It makes the whole process of internal linking so fast and efficient.

It also finds out your orphaned content that isn’t ranking. It helps in speeding up the process of Internal linking and ultimately helps You Rank Better in Google. As per the official website,

“Link Whisper quietly and quickly “whispers” contextual internal link suggestions that can both help your readers better find content on your site and helps Google rank your site better due to the improved link structure.

Link Whisper helps you take what was once a time-intensive chore (that gets even bigger as your site grows) and turns it into an opportunity for you to have a better-optimized site than your competitors.”

Its ability to provide the best features such as smart anchor text, artificial intelligence (AI), and reporting, make it a great tool for interlinking. ( We will go into details about each feature in the later section).

** This plugin is developed by Spencer Haws who also developed LongTailPro.

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Link Whisper Installation and How does it Work?

As mentioned, LinkWhisper is a WordPress plugin which means you can simply install it just like any other plugins (also you can purchase Link Whisper premium license too).

  • Head over to the Plugins section in the WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on the ‘Add New‘ link
  • Search for ‘Link Whisper‘ in the search box.
  • You will see it in the search results. Below is the snapshot for your reference. (You can upgrade the premium plan later on)

  • Click on the ‘Install‘ button.
  • Activate the plugin after installation

How does LinkWhisper Work?

Link Whisper helps you add internal links to your posts by giving you contextual suggestions based on its Artificial Intelligence. It also analyzes the content of your posts and gives suggestions for internal links wherever it is relevant.

Also, In your WP post editor, you will see a section named ‘Link Whisper Suggested Links’ to provide you with suggestions that can be incorporated in your blog post. Just check the box and click the ‘Update Links’ button.

This is just a brief idea. Let’s deep dive into Link Whisper features to know more about this tool.

Link Whisper Features

The following are a few of the brilliant features provided:

1) Smart Anchor Text

This is one of the greatest features of LinkWhisper. Anchor Text is a crucial factor to boost your SEO rankings. Choosing the right anchor text sometimes becomes time-consuming as we need to look for SEO-friendly text (succinct, target page relevancy & low keyword density, etc.) Also, generally, when we have to interlink any of our blog posts, we need to find the target URL, highlight the anchor text (or simply words) we want to add a link to, and finally click on the link icon and paste the target URL which takes a lot of time. But, here, Link Whisper takes care of this overhead by suggesting the link AND anchor text enabling auto-linking. You can choose from the suggested links If you do not like anchor text suggestions, you have complete control over your anchor text variation.

2) Automatic Link Suggestions As You Write

Links Whisper is a super-smart tool backed by the power of artificial intelligence. When you start writing an article in your WordPress editor,  it starts suggesting relevant internal links. It will suggest a lot of internal links from the content you are editing depending on how many articles you have on your site and the relevance of your existing content. Isn’t it great? I found this feature super handy and useful for us.

3) Internal Link Reporting

As mentioned earlier, LinkWhisper analyzes your blog posts with its AI-backed algorithms. It shows the analyzed results in the report forms. In this report, you can see your ‘orphan content‘ (i.e. content not having any internal link built to it),  thin pages (which have very little or no links pointing to). The reports page also shows how many outbound internal links and external links are coming from each article.

Now, this was about showing reports but Link Whisper is one step ahead. Along with showing data, it also gives you an option to quickly add new internal links to those articles.

Below is the snapshot of the Internal link reporting of my blog post and you can see all the data there.

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4) Customized Settings

Link Whisper provides you with the ability to tweak some changes in the configurations and settings provided by default. You can use this feature to fine-tune the link suggestions. Head over to the Settings page of the plugin, you can various settings there such as ignoring certain words or phrases in order to get the optimal linking opportunities for your site, post types to create a link for, number of sentences to skip, language, and open all internal links in a new tab, etc. Below is the snapshot of the Settings page for your reference.

Other Features & Reasons To Go For Link Whisper

  • The setup is very simple.  Links suggestions happen automatically.
  • Easy to review the link suggestions and check the box next to the ones you want to add links.
  • When you add more content to your site, it automatically finds new internal link opportunities.
  • Link Whisper plugin helps in time-saving; it automatically finds content, selects anchor text and inserts links, etc.
  • Compatible with all editors: Classic, Gutenberg, Thrive, Elementor, or other visual editors.

Link Whisper Pricing

Every good thing comes with a price. There are three plans with different options. The price range is very nominal. Considering the long time benefits of SEO rankings without much hassle along with other features, its prices are justified.

Link Whisper Reviews – Conclusion

Internal linking is a promising factor in On-page SEO strategies. If you are not focusing on it, it is high time to do so. Link Whisper is such a tool to help you in efficient link building for any niche site. It is a perfect WordPress Internal Linking plugin to not only boost your SEO but also will help you save a lot of time. You can utilize the time saved in other activities to grow your blog. the price range is nominal and it is worth every penny. You can surely give it a try. There is a refund policy too though you will not need to refund. I’m sure you gonna love this tool.

Below is the Link Whisper discount code for you.

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That’s all in this article – Link Whisper Reviews – Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugin. I hope you liked this too. Do not forget o share it with your friends. is there any tool you can suggest as an alternative to this? If you’ve used this, do share your feedback. Should you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below 🙂

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  • Super fantastic plugin i also used this plugin in my website i get more advantage but yet thanks a lot .

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