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15 Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Grow a Blog

The blogosphere has a huge number of blogs out there, however only a few follow a marketing strategy for the branding of the blog. Every day many new blogs appear online, but beginners generally do not know how to grow a blog and become successful. In this article, we have listed 15 effective blogging tips and tricks that would help beginners to grow their blog.


1. Try out guest blogging

It can be difficult to get high traffic while starting a blog or if you are the initial phase of blogging. For increasing traffic organically as well as attracting genuine users, one should also invest time and effort in the guest post services. This is an important blogging technique that can help you in getting more traffic. It also allows one to build quality backlinks as well as increase the domain authority of the blog. Guest post services also tend to increase traffic to the blog and help in making them rank higher in SERPs.

Also, ensure that the content is unique, well-written, and well-researched before you submit a guest post to a quality website. Do not make any grammatical mistakes otherwise, your post would not be published. If you guest post on a high-traffic or a high PR blog, it would provide you with higher visibility and quality backlinks.

2. Make a blogging strategy

The most important blogging tip for beginner blogger is to make a well-defined strategy for the blog. Develop a blogging strategy and apply this strategy properly to maintain a consistent blog. The art of growing a blog for beginners becomes much easier if you create a strategy and follow it.

Posting phrases and photos would help you to be innovative while presenting the content. If you have a proper strategy, it will save you time. It would also help you in committing lesser mistakes while creating and posting new posts.

3. Have unique headlines and content

Having unique headlines and content is quite important in blogging. Even if your content is flawless, it would not matter until you have a good title. The headline of a blog is one of the deciding factors for successful content. The content of the blog needs to be original for gaining more traffic. Readers would also share your blog further with their connections if the content is engaging and valuable. Also, make sure that your content is not copied.

4. Promote social media marketing

One of the important and powerful tools for promoting blog is social media. Social media marketing has grown massively in the past few years. Using social media, you can direct a huge amount of organic traffic to the blog. There are several social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc that act as a major source of gaining organic traffic.

Through social media, you can reach out to your target audience and display content related to your niche. You can also showcase your human side and build a trustworthy relationship with the target audience. This would enable you to make dedicated and engaging content. Social media websites can also be used to build goodwill as well as blog authority. When content is shared on social media platforms, chances are that your blog would rank higher on SERP and gain more traffic.

5. Target audience analysis

It is important to get to know as well as understand your target audience. For a blog to become successful, the content should be acceptable to the audience. Analyze the audience and try to understand them to get a better knowledge about what kind of blog post would they connect with.

Make sure that you write blog posts that can respond to the questions from users on social media. You can also ask for customers’ opinions in your posts. This way, comments on the blog would rise, giving you more ideas to write on. You need to communicate with the audience for getting an indication of which topics you need to address. This is an effective blogging technique for building audience trust.

6. Work on influencer marketing

You can connect with other bloggers in the same niche for gaining more knowledge. Also, make sure to interact with these bloggers to become known in the industry. Influencer marketing is a powerful channel for driving instant traffic to a blog. Connect with the influencers as well as top bloggers in your industry to drive higher traffic to the blog. This strategy also helps in promoting the content to the correct target audience at the correct time.

7. Build an Email List

Making an email list is a necessary step for promoting a blog. Even if you do not want to sell anything, building an email list would help you in promoting the fresh content to the audience directly. To build an email list, you can ask your family, friends, relatives, as well as acquaintances to subscribe to the blog. You can also use social media platforms for promoting the blog and getting a greater number of subscribers. Free eBooks and videos can also be used to get subscriptions.

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8. Ensure that you write for humans

The major reason that several bloggers are not able to earn enough money from a blog or they are not able to get huge traffic to the blog is that they tend to lack a faithful audience. It is also important to understand that a blog needs to be focused on engaging more readers.

An important part of blogging is to create engaging and valuable content for readers. Do not stuff keywords or create poor backlinks as you can be punished for it. Also, create informative and attractive content that can be shared on social media. This way, you would get more quality backlinks.

9. Write in-depth articles

These days, people are seeking out solutions for their problems and are looking for detailed information. This is the reason why well-framed and in-depth articles have become more important. The long-form of a blog post is one of the latest blogging tips. This particular blogging technique needs a well-researched blog post that can answer user queries easily. It is better to write only 5 in-depth articles instead of writing 15 short and precise articles in a month.

10. Maintain consistency

Consistency is one thing that makes you visible in every field of work. It is the key to become successful for any beginner or a new blogger. Blogs need to be regularly updated with informative and appropriate content to get more subscribers and generate higher traffic. Although updating your blog consistently might not assist in increasing the traffic, however, it would certainly in maintaining traffic. If you do not post regularly, it might lead to un-subscriptions, affecting the blog negatively.

11. Have a user-friendly design

Even when the blog content is amazing, it can fail to become successful if the users find it difficult to navigate. You need to have a user-friendly design along with good navigation so that users can easily and quickly find what they are looking for. Also, do not forget to optimize your blog as it would give a massive boost to the traffic and help the readers to stay on the blog for a long period. Make the blog attractive and appealing that gives a positive impression.

12. Include call-to-action (CTA) in the blog

Another important blogging tip for beginners is to have an attractive and clear call-to-action. This gives the reader a direction and understanding of how to proceed. CTA influences sales directly and helps in updating the existing email list. The CTA also needs to be visible clearly as it saves the reader’s time. By giving an answer to the user about how to proceed in the form of a brightly coloured and eye-catching button, you are creating a positive user experience.

13. Focus on one traffic source at one time

There are many ways to boost blog traffic. Since everyone is looking to maximize traffic on their blogs, most of the beginners tend to spend their resources on bringing more traffic to blogs from different sources. An important tip for blogging is to work on one traffic source at a time. This way you would be able to get better returns from one source before proceeding to others.

14. Build online authority

It is important to start focusing on growing the online authority of a blog right from the first day. You should try to maximize the blog traffic along with building authority, otherwise, it would only be a waste of time. This is because even if one generates a lot of traffic, there would be problems in making online sales.

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15. Be passionate and patient

For gaining more success, one needs to be patient. The process of blogging takes time to grow and flourish. Since there is no quick success when it comes to blogging, you should always go for a writing niche that you care about and can write about passionately. You should be patient and passionate if you want to make a blog successful.


Blogging is one of the creative industries which require time and effort to become successful. To create a successful blog, you should not only be able to showcase your expertise in this industry but also be able to demonstrate your passion and willingness. The above blogging tips would help you in laying a strong foundation in your blogging journey.

Dileep Thekkethil

Dileep Thekkethil, who was formerly with a US-based online magazine, is the SEO content and guest posting service specialist at Stan Ventures. He is a frequent blogger who keeps a tab on the latest updates in the SEO and technology arena. You can reach him at Mail | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

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