Tips to Increase Alexa Rank

You may have heard about this world Alexa. Specially web developers or the one who want to make money online should have known this world. Let’s start understanding this.

Alexa is a well-known Company For Ranking Sites. Most people thinks that Alexa Ranks on the basis of traffic but according To the traffic rank is calculated after collecting aggregated data from Alexa Toolbar.The metric contains the number of page views,bounce rate,time on site etc.

Alexa keeps full stats of your site as how long visitors stay on your Site, Bounce rate, PageView per user,Time spent on the site Per user etc,major search keywords etc.Believe Or not Alexa Ranking Affects your Blog in a great way. So How To Increase Alexa Rank is a great topic.

If you have a blog and want to apply for adsense, you have to check  your Alexa rank first. If you Alexa rank is poor ( lesser the rank better it is), it is really a matter of worry. Do not worry, below are the certain tips you can increase your Alexa ranking.

Before starting my article, I want you to show my previous Alexa rank that I had before trying following options.

Tips to increase alexa rank image

Tips on  How To Increase Alexa Rank :

1) Claim Your Site

Gain Full Control Over your Site By claiming your Site on It will actually Help you in Increasing your Site’s Rank. There are 3 methods to claim your website on Alexa –

a)  Method 1 – Upload an Alexa Verification file to your site’s root directory and verify

b) Method 2 – Add an Alexa Verification ID to the homepage of your site and verify

c) Method 3 – Certify your site’s metrics. But this facility is only available in Alexa Pro.

So you can try Method 1 and method 2 to claim your website without paying anything.

2) Install Alexa Toolbar

As i have already Stated Alexa Count only that Traffic That Comes from the browsers having Alexa Toolbar Installed. Install Alexa Toolbar in your And also tell your friends to use Alexa toolbar, this will Surely help you in increasing your Rank. Install Alexa Toolbar in one of your favorite Browsers and always update your Site from that Browser. Be sure to install the Alexa toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Additionally be sure to set your website as the default homepage for both browsers. Be sure to use each browser when you are online as each will have a different toolbar id and may be seen as 2 different users.

To install the toolbar click here

3) Use Alexa Widget On your Blog.

As stated earlier Alexa Only uses that Counts that comes through its System. So its wise to put an Alexa Widget on your Site.

4) Quality Content.

Quality Content Matters Most for a blog.If you Have a Blog having Quality Content then you will get more unique visitors and more Page views and Visitors will spend More Time on your Site. Always The main point one must clear that QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY. Always follow this approach and as your page views will increase your Alexa Rank will also Increase.

5) Commenting And Link Building.

Alexa Also counts your Links.So link building is also important.The more links you get the more your Alexa rank increases.One of the best way of Link Building is Guest Posting.You can Guest post on other sites and get links in Exchange.You can also write a guest post on our site.

 6) Write A review About on your Site.

You must write a short article about Alexa on your Site and give links to Alexa.

7) Go for Alexa Pro.

Go for Alexa pro For at least once.It will help Alexa to access your site And get the exact numbers of page views,Both organic and referred visitors,Visitors from Social networking Sites and will boost your Alexa Ranking.

Increasing Alexa ranking is not an event , it is an ongoing process. If you follow this steps, your Alexa ranking will definitely increase. Hope this article will be helpful for you.

After practicing the given key points, after 26 days, my Alexa rank is

Tips to increase alexa rank 2 image

I hope this article will be beneficial for you. Give your feedback or queries below.

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