15 Things You Need To Check Before Publishing Blog Post

So, you have drafted your next blog post. Wait!!! Do not press the publish button. Have you cross checked all the things before publishing blog post? Quality content is the key ingredient of a successful blog. Many bloggers just go for quantity of the posts. They never realize the importance of quality blog content. It is better to write few posts but never compromise quality over quantity. In this article, I will be mentioning a list of points that you need to cross check before publishing blog post. You might have all these things in your mind but to definitely get it all in place correctly help make a successful post for you. You can use this list as a checklist to go through before clicking on the publish button. It will definitely help you publish better content. I will soon write an article on to do checklist after publishing a blog post.

15 Things You Need To Check Before Publishing Blog Post

  • Choose a catchy Headline

Before publishing Blog Post, make sure your article have an attractive headline so that people will be curious to click on your post. An eye catchy headline attracts readers to check the Blog Post. So if you really want from users to actually visit your blog and check out your Blog Posts, then you should improve your headline writing skills and make compelling headlines. It is difficult to get much attention in social and even more difficult if you try to do it with a dull headline. As per my experience top-lists and how-to’s have worked well.

  • Blog Post Introduction Should be Attention Grabber

Your blog Post Introduction is an important part of your article. It should be very impressive. If this is not worthy, no one will read your full blog post and will leave your blog. On the other hand, if it is attention grabber reader will go till the end and will love to read the full article.

  • Blog Post Word Count

There is no hard rule for word count in Blog Post. Your blog published posts can be as short as 500 words and also as long as 2000+ Words. The important part is you should provide sufficient information about your post. Your post can be shorter also if it adds value to the knowledge of your readers. But as per my experience, it is easier for larger posts to rank high in SERPs.

Before publishing blog post

  • Formatting your Posts Properly

Before publishing blog post, make sure you have properly formatted your article. Your content can be difficult to read through and engage with if it is full of text. Make it easier to consume by splitting it into paragraphs and adding subheadings every few paragraphs. You can highlight your main keywords or points by using bold, underline and italic options. Use the heading tags for your sub-topics and important points. Consider adding your keywords in heading tags.

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  • Consider Adding Image

It may sound weird, but an image speaks a thousand words. A Visual article helps you grab more Images are a good way to attract clicks from social channels. I always make sure to add one image to each of my posts. I also regularly include videos and infographics in my content. Now, one more thing you need to keep in mind before your blog post is published is, while adding an image, use ‘ALT’ attribute to give the relevant text. The ALT tag is used to describe (for search engines) what your image is about. If someone searches an image for a keyword and you’ve used the same keyword in your ALT tag, your page may get listed higher in search results. As a thumb rule, use your keyword in ALT text.

  • Categorize your Blog Post Properly

If you have different categories on your blog, make sure that you add the post in the relevant category. If you use tags, consider adding the relevant tags.

  •  Changing or Editing the permalink

The permalink of your post should be relevant to post idea. The more concise it is, the better SEO is. To edit the permalink, click on that “edit” button and do it.

  • Interlinking Blog Post with Your Other Blog Posts

Adding internal links while writing a blog post in the content is important in getting people introduced to other areas or archives of your blog. Adding links to the content makes people click and explore more of your work and it increase the page views and engagement with the site thus decreasing bounce rate of your blog. I always make sure to add internal links back to my other content wherever possible. Always open other posts in new tab/window. I add (target=”_blank”) to my hyperlinks. This way, when a reader clicks on a link in my post, that link opens in a new browser window and the previous post is still opened.

  •  Check for spelling Mistakes

Before publishing blog posts, make sure you have proofread your post. Go through your content several times before publishing it. It makes you aware of spelling mistakes, typos, and sentences that may be clearer if rewritten. Spend some time doing this for every post. I prefer using ‘Grammarly‘ for this. This is a FREE tool.

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  • Add a call to action

If you are monetizing your blog with affiliate products, you might want your visitors to take an action after reading your content. Make sure to ask them to as that will increase the chance of them doing so. Ask them to try the product on a trial basis, comment, or to subscribe, or to share, ask whatever it is that you are trying to achieve.

  •  Put Yourself in Audience Shoe

Put yourself as audience and to ask yourself does this piece of content help your audience and is it valuable to them in any way. Is this piece of content shareable? You can try AtomicWriter by Atomic Reach for this. This is a FREE tool.

  •    Find the best time to publish this post

Analyze your Google analytics to know what type of traffic you are getting and from which geo. Then select the best time to publish a certain type of posts (for e.g. shopping might work better on weekends) Think of what your published blog post is related to and on what day you would expect people to enjoy reading it.

  •  Keep Post Interesting and Inspiring

Keep your post interesting and do not bore the readers especially if you are writing lengthy Blog Posts. Also, avoid duplication and repeating redundant things. So keep this point in your mind before publishing Blog Post. It is always great to be hopeful and inspiring to your readers. Users love to read an article that gives them hope and gives solutions to their problems. So write for them, resolve their problems 🙂

What are the other things you do before publishing blog post? and Do share your views and feedback in the comment section below.

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