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9 Best Tools For Checking and Building Backlinks In 2020

9 Best Tools For Checking and Building Backlinks In 2020

The process of building backlinks is to improve your search engine rankings for your focus keywords. Search engines like Google give utmost preference to websites which are having high-quality backlinks pointing towards it. Building backlinks is tedious and time-consuming tasks for most of the webmasters. There are many tools and software available in the market to make the process easier for you.

Best Checking and Building Backlinks Tools In 2020

The first question every webmaster wants to know while optimizing the website is how to get backlinks. You can save your valuable time, build & monitor backlinks easily, and find more opportunities when you have the right tools at your disposal. Following is the list of best backlink tools in 2019

  1. Open site explorer by Moz

Used for: Research backlinks

Pricing: Freemium

Open site explorer is one of the popular tool provided by Moz. It helps in finding link building opportunities, Research backlinks of a website, and to discover potentially damaged backlinks pointing to a site.

You can reap maximum benefits using the free version of this tool. Along with backlinks research, it will also show metrics like domain authority, page authority, spam score, and anchor texts.

However, with the premium version, you can check linking opportunities, spam analysis, and more advanced reports.

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Used for: Backlink research and Analysis

Pricing: Paid

Majestic is a premium tool which provides complete backlink analysis of a website. It will provide metrics like trust flow, citation flow, it will also provide the lost links that have stopped pointing to your site in the last 90 days.

With the help of majestic Open site explorer, one can find out the Topical Trust Flow of links that lead to your site. This helps search engines work out how to categorize your site.

You can try majestic Open site explorer for free before subscribing for a paid version.

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  1. Monitor Backlinks

Used for: Backlinks monitoring

Pricing: Paid(Free trial available)

Monitor backlinks is a unique tool which helps you in monitoring the quality of links pointing to your website or your competitor’s website.

The best thing about Monitor Backlinks is that you get automatic notifications about when your website or your competitor’s website gains or loses backlinks. You just need to set up your account and add the domains that you want to track.

Monitor Backlinks is a paid tool. All the paid plans include features like Email & PDF reports, Anchor text reports, Disavow low-quality links, and backlinks SEO metrics. You can start a free trial of this tool before going to a paid plan.

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Used for: Research backlinks

Pricing: Paid (Free trial available)

Ahrefs is the most used tool by many webmasters and Digital marketers for backlink analysis. It is considered as one of the best tools to research and building backlinks.

It is an all-in-one SEO tool. Along with backlink analysis, it also has other tools like competitive analysis, keyword research, content research, rank tracking and web monitoring.

Ahrefs Lite plan starts at $99/month and the standard plan is $179/month. You can try the tool-free of charge for 14 days before going to a paid plan.

  1. Open link Profiler

Used for: Research backlinks

Pricing: Freemium

Open link Profiler is a complete and full-featured SEO tool that can help you in improving the overall search rankings of your website.

Along with link building tools, it also has other tools like website auditor, Ranking monitor, link profiler, opportunity finder for new links, AdWords profiler, web analytics, and social media analytics.

The best part is, you can create an account for free and start using it. Its standard plan starts at $69 per month.

  1. Link Detox

Used for: Find Bad Links

Pricing: Freemium

Are you seeing a sudden decline in your organic traffic? It can probably because of Google penguin update or because of bad links pointing to your website. It is really a tedious task to find bad links and remove them from pointing to your website.

This is where Link Detox comes into rescue. Link Detox helps you in protecting from Google Penguin. It can easily find the bad backlinks that can harm your website.

With the help of Link Detox, you can create disavow file automatically and clean up backlink profile with ease.

  1. URL Profiler

Used for: Link classification & competitive analysis

Pricing: Paid (Free trial available)

URL Profiler can be extensively used for content audits, link classification, and competitive analysis. It can quickly classify links on your website to find un-natural and low trust links.

Find out whether all your pages are indexed correctly and last cached date for any URL. URL Profiler helps you to get the contact information of the website owners very quickly for link removal requests.

It is relatively a new tool compared to other backlink tools in this list and is most reasonably priced. You can start with the 14-day free trial without entering any credit card information.

  1. Broken Link Builder

Used for: Find broken links

Pricing: Paid

Broken link building is a wonderful link building tactic in the SEO world. It is a white hat link building strategy to acquire links by finding broken links.

It is a process of finding the resources in your niche that are no longer live and recreating your version of the content to replace it by contacting the website owner which has broken links.

It’s a win-win situation for both where the website owner gets to resolve broken links and you will get a backlink from that website.

Broken link builder is the tool that can easily help in finding the broken and non-functioning links in your niche. It is a paid tool which starts at $67 per month and there is no free trial.

  1. Link Research tools

Used for: Backlink analysis

Pricing: Paid (free trial available)

Link research tools(LRT) combines the link-data from 25 sources and then clean & verify the link data for you.

Some of the high impact benefits of this tool includes cleaning bad backlinks, monitoring your backlink profile, check opportunities for new backlinks, do competitor analysis, and build high-quality links

LRT is a paid tool but very useful in building backlinks. You can try the software for free for a limited time without entering your credit card information. Visit the LRT website and signup for a free trial.


Building good quality backlinks is the major part of SEO. Having tools like these to check and building backlinks will make the life easier for website owners or webmasters. These are the wide range of tools to build, monitor, and track your backlinks. Pick the one which meets the goals of your business and start optimizing your website.

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  • Being part of digital marketing community i often explore various blogs and article regarding the tools and techniques and I must say you have included such an amazing tools for checking and building backlinks. It would be very much helpful for the beginners of this field. Actually found an informative article. Thank you for providing such a good as well as understandable article.

  • most of the these tools are paid which is beyond small time bloggers like me and also in comparison to Indian currency, it becomes more costly. Can you make a list of tools which are freely available and effective.

  • Nice listing have been made by you. I just wanted to know which is the most used tool for building backlinks.

  • Thanks for sharing this article Nick, very helpful.

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  • I love using majestic and ahrefs. This two tools might be technical however it gives you that exact information that you need. Anyways, good read and well-informative.

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