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Practical Ways to Enhance WooCommerce Development Skills

Improved digitization and deeper penetration of the Internet across the globe have increased the number of people shifting businesses from offline to online e-commerce platforms. Many plugins are available for e-commerce websites like WooCommerce for WordPress provides a seamless transition to an e-commerce store. About thirty percent of online stores use WooCommerce plugins for their WordPress website. 

Why is WooCommerce so popular among e-commerce merchants, and why should you consider it too?

There are numerous plugins available for e-commerce websites. Among them, WooCommerce holds the majority of the share. The reasons for the popularity of the WooCommerce are as follows:

1) Affordable Pricing with Quality Services

For new merchants transitioning from offline stores to online stores, WooCommerce supports them by offering its free usage. Though, it is to note that hosting and payment from WooCommerce will cost. But the good thing is that Merchants can use the WooCommerce services without committing to buying expensive software etc.

2) WooCommerce functionality has a similarity to WordPress 

WordPress is popular because of the functionality and features- it offers to its users. Also, it has vast resources and information available. Thus WooCommerce has similarities with WordPress and benefits the users. 

Millions of users use the WordPress platform, and WooCommerce offers smooth and seamless integration without hassle. Using the WooCommerce plugin ensures strength, flexibility, and functionality and offers its customers a smooth experience carrying out transactions.

3) Give access to the large community of Developers

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin used by e-commerce marketplace merchants. It’s an open-source platform plugin that offers to alter and change features and functionality anytime. These features make it more preferred over the others. So, WooCommerce developers are in great demand, and are many. It’s easier to access the large community of WooCommerce developers compared to using less popular e-commerce plugins.

WooCommerce similarity to WordPress and its smooth functionality on the top is reasons for its massive popularity.

4) WooComerce offers its user analytics

Woocommerce is a platform that offers user analytics from its platform. It offers integrating external analytic services like Google Analytics for e-commerce solutions. Using the user-analytics information helps the merchants know about their customer’s behavior and examine strengths, weaknesses, and thus, the scope for improvement.

5) WooCommerce is User-friendly and quick

WooCommerce plugins offer user-friendly and quick services, making them highly responsive. Thus, creating an e-commerce platform with fast and seamless transactions helps attract customers. The complexity of the websites does no help and makes incoming visitors disinterred only. Thus, combining your website with a fast and responsive e-commerce plugin like WooCommerse helps your website to perform much better.

Thus the above advantages of WooCommerce make it hugely popular among e-commerce merchants.

To deliver efficient and effective results to customers, one must regularly enhance and update its WooCommerce development skills. But how must one approach it?

To help you sail through, we have enlisted the following best practices one must adhere to for developing WooCommerce websites. 

Here are the top four practices to develop your WooCommerce development skills

1) Use custom-built hooks on WooCommerce aiding functionality.

2) Develop WooCommerce in a way similar to coding on WordPress.

3) Be updated with the latest information on the official channels of WooCommerce.

4)Excel in different WooCommerce Application Programming Interfaces(APIs).

Let’s dig a little deeper into the above points.

1) Use custom-built hooks on WooCommerce to aid functionality

WooCommerce development has many similarities with WordPress coding. Likewise, in WordPress, there are hooks and filters in WooCommerce.They meant to connect WordPress code enabling customization using PHP without altering much. Hooks and filters are by the WooCommerce developers with utmost perfection, though developers can use its lineage to develop it depending on their needs and requirements.

2) Develop WooCommerce in a way similar to coding on WordPress

WooCommerce development follows similar guidelines as WordPress majorly. Knowledge about the WordPress coding rules and regulations is the cherry on top and can be adopted seamlessly for WooCommerce development. There are tons of resources available for WordPress website development that can similarly apply to WooCommerce development. Also, taking inspiration from the real world from how other developers are coding for WooCommerce and WordPress aids in envisioning the website’s appearance. Similar Worpress WooCommerce owns its codex, which provides the necessary information for writing your code. 

3) Be updated with the latest information on the official channels of WooCommerce

Though there are plenty of sources online to get the information updates for WooCommerce, there are two specific ways to get information for it. The first one is to read and keep a tab on the new blogs about information for WooCommerce development. It might form an essential trial source of information for future needs- one can categorize them into parts.

The second way is to check the Slack channel, the official place where WooCommerce developers hang out. This channel proves helpful when requiring necessary help from fellow developers.

4) Excel in different WooCommerce Application Programming Interfaces(APIs)

WooCommerce offers numerous Application programming interfaces to customize the website per the requirement. WooCoomerce offers functionality similar to WordPress. Thus it opens the door to in-numerable functionality features. Checking out the main Application Programming Interfaces of WooCommerce helps new developers get ideas of what to include and exclude in their WooCommerce development. 


WooCommerce is being used widely in online commerce stores. It essentially implies demand for those good WooCommerce developers is on the rise. To enhance and sharpen WooCommerse development skills, we have four pillars for WooCommerce development success. 

The first is using hooks to add functionality using the already present code. The second is learning the ropes of WordPress coding, which can prove highly useful in WooCommerce development. The third is to take advantage of the official channels to get an idea about what’s forthcoming and what to expect, also giving a platform for the WooCommerce development community. The final and fourth one is using the WooCommerce Application Programming Interface for advanced functionality and better development opportunity. Thus, keeping abreast with the latest developments and broadening your knowledge base helps in becoming a successful WooCommerce developer.

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