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4 Website Tips to Help Your Business in 2024

Many businesses had to adopt new digital technology in 2020 that they may not have used previously because of the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital advertising, once just an option, has become an absolute necessity. For this reason, the best tool to promote your business today and in the years to come is a website.

Learning from the past, the year 2024 is predicted to be a time when businesses will need to start revamping their digital presence. So, how do you prepare your website to get noticed and drive more sales for your business?

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In this article, learn some of the best tips to help improve your business’ website for the coming year.

  1. Analyze Your Website Needs

By studying how the best businesses do their job, you can easily determine your strengths and weaknesses by comparing your own digital presence to theirs. It’s a great way to find out the appropriate changes you need to implement in your website to get it fully ready for the new year. You can attain this goal by using competitor analysis tools. As the term implies, this tool can help you analyze how your competitors are doing in terms of the following:

  • Traffic: Learn where your competitors focus most of their sales and marketing efforts so that you can determine their lead sources and study their regional presence.
  • Market Trends: Find out the market traffic trends, reveal top players, and use the digital marketing performance and growth dynamics of these companies as a benchmark for your own efforts. Knowing the demographics and interests of the in-market audience is also a great way to find prospects and leads for your business.
  • Organic Research: Study how your competitors are breaking down their keyword and link-building strategies, which will reflect their successful SEO practices.
  • Advertising Research: Learn about the composition of ad texts your competitors use and find out which paid search avenues they are utilizing.
  1. Upgrade Your UX Design

What is UX design? It’s the shorthand term used by web designers for user experience, which involves thinking of effective ways to make your website more interactive, intuitive, and friendly for your target users.

You must make sure that your UX design is good enough to click with your intended audience. Otherwise, your product won’t prosper because most of your visitors are leaving your website. So, what are some things you can do to upgrade your UX design?

Here are some of the best UX design tips you can implement for your website:

  • Use Proven Layouts with Minor Tweaks: Drastic changes in UX design may ruin the engagement that your website has already established with current website users. They are already used to your existing presentation, so modifying website elements such as fonts, navigation patterns, and color schemes, to stand out may just cause confusion and frustration. So, it is best to only make minor tweaks instead of reinventing your website. You can incorporate small changes over time to acclimate your audience and eventually reach your end goals for your website’s UX.
  • Keep Your Website User-Friendly: Sometimes, business owners are too eager to upgrade their website and end up adding a lot of flashy and unnecessary elements. The elements often end up distracting users from their goal and cause them to bounce away from your site. Upgrades should aim to promote a better user experience. The best way to keep your website user-friendly is to remember that each page should have a definitive purpose. For instance, your ‘About Us’ page should only contain your company details without distracting floaters everywhere.
  • Make Essential Elements Visually Stand Out: Each page has valuable information that must be highlighted. For example, a blog post should have a clear-cut headline, followed by subtitles and applicable subheadings that tackle the subject matter in detail. Navigational tools, like social media icons and the page menu, must be clearly visible and accessible.

  1. Enhance Your Website Security Features

According to a trusted source, many businesses experienced terrible cyberattacks in 2020. The cost of such attacks can be devastating to their victims. That is why you must stay vigilant and update your software to safeguard your cybersecurity against threats.

Enhance your website security using the following tips:

  • Perform Website Security Scans: This step must be regularly carried out to check if your server and website are compromised. While you can use free internet tools to check your website security, hiring a professional will provide you with a more detailed review of your website vulnerabilities.
  • Backup Your Data: Maintain backups of all your website files. You can ask your web host provider if they provide backups. Also, you can look at available extensions and plugins offered by your content management system (CMS) that automatically backup your web data.
  • Encrypt Login Pages: Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is a good way to securely transmit log-in credentials, credit card details, and social security numbers in a way that appears meaningless to anybody who might want to intercept it. It prevents hackers from accessing and using private, sensitive personal, and financial data.
  1. Make Your Website More Interactive and Engaging

Because more and more people are shopping online and using the internet to research a product or a brand, it is important to make your website interactive and engaging. Check the following tips to help you achieve this goal:

  • Encourage Reader Feedback: Aside from simply opening a comment section on your website, it is also important to use a creative call-to-action (CTA) to drive visitors to enter comments, such as ‘If you love reading this article, kindly answer the question below,’ or ‘Share your insights by leaving your comments below.’
  • Post-User-Generated Content: You can post user-generated content addressing top-rated comments in your blog posts. Quote the users who made the comments—it’s a great way to inspire others to leave their comments too and engage with your website. If you’re selling products, encourage your customers to post photos of themselves using the products to drive user interaction.


Start the new year with a functional, appealing, secure, and interactive website by applying the tips shared above. Make sure to carry out regular software updates, competitor analysis, and security checks to greatly benefit from having a strong online presence. Once you have mastered these best practices, you’ll see the fruits of your labor in no time.

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