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Mouseflow Review – How’s This Heatmap Software?

If you’re looking for website heatmap software, Mouseflow is a great option. This Mouseflow review will go in-depth on what Mouseflow does, how it can help your business. We’ll try to give you more insight on whether it’s right for your needs or not. To finish up, we’ll answer some common questions about mouse flow and provide an unbiased conclusion at the end of this article.

Mouseflow Review – What are Heatmaps?

“A heat map shows you where people interact with your website” – where visitors clicked, scrolled, and hovered. Mouseflow focuses not only on a user’s inbound activity but also the outbound activity from your site to understand what content is engaging the most. It provides you with an immediate overview of how people are interacting with your site without having to wait for lengthy reports or run complex analyses by hand. It gives you instant actionable feedback that will help increase conversions and engagement rates – you can identify problem areas and optimize accordingly, without guesswork and help you optimize your site by showing what content is the most engaging. Mouseflow Heatmap is also used to identify and fix design problems such as layout, navigation, content hierarchy, or other usability issues.

Mouseflow Review – What is Mouseflow?

A lot of people know that Mouseflow is a powerful tool for measuring user behavior on websites, but they don’t know what it actually does. It tracks every movement a visitor makes with their cursor and records video playback to create heatmaps that show where visitors are clicking and how far they scroll down the page. This data can be used by Product, UX/UI designers, CRO and Analytics professionals to identify areas in need of improvement to increase conversions or optimize conversion funnels. With some simple tweaks, you could see an instant boost in your site’s effectiveness!

Mouseflow also includes:

  • Real-time statistics about the user’s browsing experience, including scroll depth, clicks per second, bounce rate, etc.
  • Conversion heatmaps to see how visitors are converting on your website, what they’re clicking on, and so forth.
  • A responsive design element so you can see how it will look across different devices and resolutions.

Features of Mouseflow

Mouseflow is a tool that allows you to track the mouse movement of your visitors on your website in order to figure out what they are doing and how long they are staying. The software has been around for many years, but it’s only recently become more popular because Google Analytics doesn’t provide as much information about user behavior.

Session Replay

It allows you to review individual user sessions with auto-highlighted friction points. Mouseflow records all your visitors the moment you activate it, on every page. Observe and understand your users’ journeys and challenges. It’s like a store’s security camera, but for your website. You can filter these anonymized recordings for targeted optimizations.

Filter & Segments

Quickly zero in on the web analytics you need. It makes it easy to find sessions that experience friction or frustration.  You can sort and filter by location, language, page count, duration, browser, operating system, platform, traffic source, visitor type (first time/returning), screen resolution, pages viewed, custom variables/tags, and many more dimensions.


You can easily build, monitor, and optimize deal user journeys. It allows you to track the activity on your site from page to page, enabling you to analyze key journeys and processes (like checkout or sign up).

Form Analytics

It allows you to analyze and optimize forms to improve the conversion rate. It monitors how visitors interact with every form on your site, measuring drop-offs, refills, rage-clicks, blank submissions, errors, and more – for each form field.

User Feedback & Surveys

Mouseflow captures real-user insights and recovers lost conversions. You can create custom, interactive surveys to target a specific audience in seconds. It allows you to enable custom triggers to present a feedback portal at friction points. This provides valuable feedback when it matters most: as visitors are frustrated, experiencing issues, or in need of help.

How to Use Mouseflow?

Follow the below steps to get started with Mouseflow:

1. Login at or create an account. (It is free of charge up until a certain number of sessions per month (500).

2. Input the URL which you want to track into the login form and then select whether it’s “mobile,” PC/laptop,” or both before continuing on selecting what you want to monitor, which is either all mouse movements or just the cursor movement.

3. The user will get a tracking script to install on the header section of their website so that they can enable Mouseflow to record their website visits.

4. After that it displays the heatmaps of all visitors who have visited your site for up to six months in the past and lets you analyze it live or after they’ve already left.

You can quickly see which parts of the page were most popular, what devices people are using to visit your site (mobile vs. desktop), how much time was spent browsing different pages etc. The level of interaction or engagement changes the overlaid colors. The more activity, the more vivid the colors become – and vice versa, the less activity, the cooler the color gets.

Mouseflow Review – Integrations of Mouseflow

Mouseflow provides a variety of integrations for users to connect their Mouseflow account with other tools they are using. E.g, there is an integration that integrates Mouseflow into Google Analytics. This allows you to see where people on your site are having trouble and figure out what changes need to be made in order to improve conversion rates or engagement levels. Mouseflow doesn’t integrate with Google Ads but it can automatically track UTM parameters appended to any links and make them available for analysis through our advanced filtering suite.

This integration allows you to see what is happening on your site that may be preventing people from clicking the ads or engaging with your content (or vice versa). This gives insight into how advertising dollars are being spent as well as a better understanding of how visitors interact with your website, both in terms of where they stop exploring and why they stop at all.

The integrations provided by Mouseflow should help businesses get an overall picture of what needs to change on their websites to improve conversion rates, engagement levels, traffic numbers, etc., which can really impact growth over time if not addressed properly!

Mouseflow Pricing

  1. Free Plan
  • Mouseflow has a free version which is limited to 500 recordings per month.
  • 1 Website
  • 1 month of storage.

2. Starter Plan

  • The Mouseflow Starter plan gives you 5,000 recordings per month.
  • $24/month
  • Unlimited Hits and Visitors to Your HeatMap
  • 1 Website
  • 3 months of storage

3. Growth Plan

  • The Mouseflow Growth plan gives you 15,000 recordings per month
  • $79/month
  • Unlimited Hits and Visitors to Your HeatMap.
  • Unlimited Events, Segmentation Filters.
  • 3 Website Experiments per month.
  • 6 months of storage

4. Business Plan

  • The Mouseflow Business plan gives you 50,000 recordings per month.
  • $159/month
  • Unlimited Hits and Visitors to Your HeatMap.
  • Unlimited Events, Segmentation Filters.
  • 10 Website Experiments per month.
  • 12 months of storage

5. Pro Plan

  • The Mouseflow Pro plan gives you 150,000 recordings per month.
  • $299/month
  • Unlimited Hits and Visitors to Your HeatMap.
  • Unlimited Events, Segmentation Filters.
  • Unlimited Video Playback Sessions Time – Full User Recording Session Length.
  • 20 Website Experiments per month.
  • 12 months of storage

6. Enterprise Plan

  • The Mouseflow Enterprise plan gives you 200,000+ recordings per month.
  • For Price Contact
  • Unlimited Hits and Visitors to Your HeatMap.
  • Unlimited Events, Segmentation Filters.
  • Unlimited Video Playback Sessions Time – Full User Recording Session Length.
  • 20+ Website Experiments per month.
  • 12 months of storage

Mouseflow Review – Conclusion

We think that Mouseflow is a great tool for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s easy to use and integrates with other marketing tools you may already be using, like Google Analytics. If you want more in-depth data about the behavior of your website visitors than what Google Analytics provides, then we recommend giving it a try! It provides an integrated chat feature too for real-time communication and feedback.

Click Here to try Mouseflow for FREE

That’s all in this article. Hope you liked this article on Mouseflow review. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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